Monday, 22 August 2011

On Yer' Bike- for the London Olympics 2012!

Sunday the 14th of August, we were lucky enough to witness the road cycling test event for the London Olympics 2012, as it ran right through our neighborhood! In the spirit of competitive cycling, this post will be written the way the race went. Short, sharp bursts followed by long pauses and a few stragglers.

Police leading the way- no pedals there, slackers!
We arrived at precisely 12:10 and found our way to the perfect viewing spot.


Here they come!

There they go!

In shock, we weren't sure whether to stay or go.

Was it over?

Should we wait?


But not us hard-core cycling fans.

We stayed long enough to witness the battle for the losing spot by two Irishmen and a German.

Bring on the Olympics!

Avid cycling fans

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  1. Que tal, Chicas!
    Would you be posting L&S Reportage for the Olympics? Sure, we can see all kinds of televised stuff on the TV but anything with a local perspective would be VERY cool!


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