Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Things you didn't know but need to know about Naples/Italy

  1. They do the BEST pizza in the world. Seriously. And if you find a 'Vera Pizza' sign you know the place will do an AMAZING pizza!
  2. It's not the 'ganglands' and the streets are not filled with rubbish, it's a little dirty- but what city isn't!
  3. Everyone is lovely but very few speak perfect English (we found the hotel staff the best sources of info)
  4. Naples is not that hilly, it's not flat but it's perfectly walkable. If you do end up thinking Naples is a little on the steep side, never go to Brighton!
  5. The moon rises over Mount Vesuvius and starts the night red, as it crosses the sky it turns yellow but remains larger than any moon we've ever seen.
  6. You leave the modern world in regards to communication - OK that might be an exaggeration but there are NO internet cafes or access points so unless the hotel you stay at has internet (ours happened to be down when we were there) you might has to go back to good olde postcards.
  7. There is only 1 Maccy D's in Naples, and it closes (early)!
  8. Naples is small enough to find everything you want to see in a few days but can serve as a relaxing break too.
  9. Naples is not the fashion capital of Italy. The 1980's are alive and well here - well from a fashion point of view! If you have 'bright' clothes tucked in the back of your wardrobe Naples would be a great place to wear them.
  10. Zebra crossings are just zones where you 'could try to cross the road' but don't expect drivers to stop- they see it as chance to play chicken- only stopping at the very last moment.
  11. It's hard to have 'bad' food- especially at the waterfront restaurants- you just have to find the place that suits your budget.
  12. There are very few insects about! 
  13. It's a great place to be in love, or fall in love, Naples has that romantic setting the movies always try to create.
  14. Check who is sat at your restaurant before you sit down, if someone who looks like a chef is enjoying lunch- chances are it the chef of the restaurant and you will have to wait for them to finish- its not what we'd call Customer Service!
  15. Don't sit 'in' for ice cream- they may put it in a fancy bowl and give you a glass of tap water but they will charge you 3 times the price for it.
  16. Round every corner is a historical building or monument so keep your guide book handy.
  17. Watch out for siesta time- places do close, especially the tourist offices.
  18. Do NOT get on a bus without a ticket (see previous blog)- they sell tickets at bars???-or ask your hotel.
  19. Naples is well worth the visit - it's not as touristy as other parts of Italy and the Amalfi coast is a sight to be seen.

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  1. Must give Italy another chance one day - it sounds better than we remembered! Keep up the excellent blogs - I know - maybe you two could be travel writers!


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