Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The visit of my lovely wonderful fantastic parents

I promise we will completely catch up with this blog eventually!!

I (Laura) was very lucky, a month ago now, to have my parents come to stay for my Dad's 60th birthday. They spent a week in London, and his birthday week in Paris. Sarah and I loved loved LOVED having them here. When they arrived, we had a lovely birthday celebration with the family at my Aunt's house in Ascot. They had decorations and my Nan got a great cake- it was a wonderful afternoon out and we all really appreciated it- Dad loved it.
Nan and her son

The familia!

Us four!

The girls and the grapevines
We spent as much time with Mum & Dad as we could, and did a lot of things I didn't know you could do in London- including 3 museums (yes, THREE! Including a maritime museum! Thanks Dad!), had our photo taken at the GMT Prime Meridian, took a Thames boat tour, Greenwich, the scariest play I had ever seen (The Woman in Black- who knew theatre could actually make you scream!!)- oh, and I got my wallet stolen. All good apart from that. Here are some memories for you to check out:
On the banks of the Thames

Us on the GMT line!

Fullers Brewery tour

Trying our hands at bartending

On Tuesday evening, I pulled out the Gordon Ramsey in me and made everyone dinner- and made a cake from scratch which was pretty scrumdidliumptious if I do say so myself.
Dinner at Chez Laura and Sarah

Watch out, Carlo's Bakery!

Heck yes!
Then as a final hurrah! on the evening before they jetted of to Paris, Sarah and I treated them to dinner at our favourite restaurant in London- Kettners (http://www.kettners.com/). All of the food is fantastic, and it has a wonderful atmosphere, its just beautiful- except of course the man peeing across the street, but that can't be helped.
Our celebration dinner at Kettners!

My lovely parents
 One week was not nearly enough time to see my parents, but we had the best week ever, thoroughly celebrated Dad's 60th birthday, and I can't wait to see them again soon!!

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  1. Aww adorable! & you have an Aunt in Ascot? So close to me!

    M x


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