Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What We Love Wednesdays!!

Welcome to our first segment of 'What We Love Wednesdays!' We've decided that it will be the one day of the week that we take time out to recognise the people, places, and things that we LOVE and thought you should know about!

There was great debate as to what should feature first on WWLW- it came down to a tie between Diet Coke and Nandos. The winner, was *drumroll please*...

Nandos is a shared passion for the both of us - long before there was Sarah & Laura, there was Sarah and Nandos, and Laura and Nandos. In fact, it was one of our first talking points. And now, there is Sarah & Laura and every-other-week-Nandos. That's right, its an official fixture. And the great thing is, we have been able to continue our Nandos-love as we've traveled the world.

So, what is Nandos and why do we love it so much? Take a seat, let us tell you. First of all, Nandos is delicious. The chicken is consistently the best, juiciest chicken you will taste. Flavoured and spiced to your exact specifications, whether you're a Medium spice lover (like Sarah) or a Mango & Lime wuss (like Laura), it's served with more sides than we are able to mention in this post- but we recommend the chips and spicy rice. The fact that you can order and pay upfront means you get to relax and enjoy the latin-flavour music in this Portuguese restaurant actually started by a South African. Now that's an international restaurant!

The great thing about Nandos is that it isn't exactly mainstream (though saying that, since we got together, Nandos has appeared on every high street and in every shopping mall - we must be influential people!). No two Nandos are alike - they commission everyday unknown artists for paintings and pieces to decorate the walls of all their locations - and they have a core base of very loyal die-hard Nandos fans. Because of that, we have never met someone who LOVES Nandos, that we didn't like. So if you like Nandos, the bet is, we will like you!
Laura enjoying a Nandos in New Zealand!
They also have loyalty cards, so by enjoying a delicious Nandos meal, you are earning your way towards a mouth-watering FREE chicken! Every 10 times you visit, you get a free quarter chicken, half chicken, and finally, a whole chicken. They make it really worth coming back over and over! (and no, we are not getting paid to advertise this! ;D )
The Nandos connoisseurs we are, we have visited the restaurant in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, The Entrance (Central Coast), and Queenstown. Nandos is slighty different 'down under', but still great - we must say though, our favourite location is Fulham Broadway in London!
Queenstown- Sarah thinks Nandos is a great way to celebrate her first bungee jump!
Are ya hungry yet?

We'll let you in on a little secret - the reason Nandos beat Diet Coke (DC) in the race for first ever WWLW? We came from dinner there, a little over an hour ago. And it was good enough to warrant this post.

If we haven't given you quite enough Nandos info, go to their website.


  1. Haha so funny you posted about Nando's as we LOVE i too! & Im a vegetarian! but their veggie options are yummy as well of course their fries & garlic bread yummm. Whitney misses it SO MUCH!

    M x

  2. I love this story but, just to suggest a small correction, the Nando's you went to on the Central Coast was in Tuggerah! ;D


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