Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's Happening, Hot Stuff??

We've had a lot of firsts this week, segment-wise. We hope you like them!

In this segment we will share and comment on news and hot topics that are relevant to us, and you, too! Being international (well from the UK & USA) we will bring you updates from both sides of the Atlantic, gay news and every where else in between.

This week for our first post......

News from the Wonderful World of Us:

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! Much to my (Laura's) excitement (I start talking about Christmas in May - it's my favourite time of the year!) the ads have finally arrived (so far we LOVE these - from John Lewis and Coca Cola), the Coca Cola trucks are coming through town this week, and we have gotten our very first Christmas ornaments!! Sarah is letting me get one for every time I go to the gym haha. It feels a bit like blackmail because I hate going, but it's working!!
Our gym-rewarded loot!

Good news for our future! This is an amazing study. Researchers did a study with a group of lesbians who were expecting a child and followed them the delivery date up until the age of 17. Studies show that children with two mothers have less behaviour problems and were less likely to act out violently and break rules. Interesting huh?! Read More The article made us think of the film: 'The Kids are alright' - we watched it in Australia last year, it's about kids raised by 2 mums and highlighted things we hadn't considered!

We watched Precious and The Social Network this weekend - both quite heavy movies, but both AMAZING and we definitely recommend watching them!! Laura LOVES Mo'nique, who was in Precious! 
We posted on Twitter the above photo the other day, to show off some interestingly shaped Heinz tomato ketchup bottles we bought. Heinz kindly replied to our tweet, apologised for the weirdly shaped bottles and asked us to contact them. Now, that's what we call service!! As if we didn't love Heinz as a company enough already, we can report that their service is just as great as their products! And good on them for having a Twitter account!
And finally, along with this news segment and the lovely Sarah's Fun Fact Friday segment, I will be starting my own at some point about something y'all may not know I like to do/like to think I'm good at: cooking and baking! That's right, we've got a little domestic goddess in our midst. Actually not, but I can try, right? And hopefully inspire some of you in the process with the recipes I make and then post! I'll also try to get some feedback from the consumer (Sarah!).
News from Old Blighty:

We had no idea London was even entering to host the World Athletics Championships in 2017 until our friend Emi was asked to be in the promo video....but anything that promotes our current home town and the city we love so much is all good by us. the video also shows off the river that our flat overlooks- we are a bit further down that the bit shown but it has been estimated that it would take 15 minutes to canoe to the Houses of Parliament, you know if you have a spare canoe (or want to obtain one from the Sunday morning canoeists who appear in the river outside our flat every week). We will put up the link when it's been restored.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the Respect for Marriage Act, by a 10-8 vote, into the Senate for its consideration. (WOOHOO!)
But there are mixed hopes that the bill will make much further progress in the Senate, and currently few indications of success in the House of Representatives, which is under Republican control.
The Act would repeal the provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act: that only marriages between men and women are recognised at the federal level, and that individual states are not obliged to recognise marriages entered into in other states. For more info:
If by some miracle it did go through, I'm getting Sarah on the first flight home to get hitched legally!!
A US study has said the American gay couples have taken advantage of new equal marriage rights more quickly than other legally recognised unions when they are introduced. The study, was designed to create a country-wide representation of the demand for legal recognition among same-sex couples. It compared data for states with full marriage equality and states with civil unions. In the US, over 140,000 same-sex couples have had their relationship recognised by state law and nearly 50,000 have married. So they should let us - we're willing to spend our hard-earned money to help the economy!!
Just because we think it's awesome:

Google tricks for when you have time...or have access to someone elses computer when they leave the room to mess with them-
1) Type in 'do a barrel roll' - the page should flip 360 degrees- simple yet surprisingly addictive
2) Enter 'Askew' - this one makes the page slant - in case you like things with a bit of an 'edge'
3) This time try 'sphere' it'll make your searches swirl - just type things in the search bar and you'll see what we mean
4) - this is more of a google doodle fun to play
5) A current favourite, type in 'gravity'- everything falls to the bottom of screen (great to freak people out)
The things you can find on the internet!!

Goodnight and have a lovely week everyone!!

Laura and Sarah xo

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