Thursday, 1 December 2011

Things We've Known All Along......

We are currently on our lunch break and there is so much we want to share with everyone so thought putting it on here would make the most sense!

First of all we watching this video that can only be described as AMAZING! I'm not sure where we saw it first but we have had it posted and tweeted at us and after hearing it you can't help but feel impressed. His parents must be so proud and I hope this video is shown to everyone - it needs to be shared.

So after that explanation see what we are talking about HERE!

And now time for a love story (who doesn't love one of those), this was shown to us by a friend and is a great romantic, touching, modern day take on what real love is all about! Plus it features a few of our favourite haunts from living in Sydney. Watch it HERE and let us know what you think. It is for GetUp Australia - an independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into their democracy....this video highlights the great need for marriage equality (in Australia, and all over the world!!)

Hope you're all having a great day
Sarah & Laura


  1. I don't think the second video is in support of ending marriage in Australia is it. That seems a bit radical. It might be in support of ending marriage discrimination in Australia. :)

  2. Good point Roberto - we missed a word or 2 out! Thank you for highlighting it and we have now amended it to say what it should have! Much appreciated.

    Hope you enjoyed the read (albeit the mistake)

    S&L xo

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