Monday, 30 January 2012

What We've Been Up To - Date Night & Chinese NY!!

Just a quick photo blog to show you all some of the lovely things we've done together over the last week or so! Ready? Okay! :)

Date Night!!

Being the thrifty girls we are, we took advantage of the amazing Orange Wednesday deal for our date night to see The Iron Lady and dinner at Pizza Express (for those of you who have never heard of this, it's two for one on movie tickets and pizzas!)! Laura loves Pizza Express, and Sarah humours her :)

We enjoyed The Iron Lady- starring Meryl Streep and about Margaret Thatcher's life and career. It was told from the viewpoint of Thatcher as she is now (old), looking back on her life in flashbacks and hallucinations. It was quite educational for Laura, as an American, she didn't know much about Maggie or what she achieved. However, Sarah thought it would have been more effective if it was not done in flashbacks. Very well worth seeing, and Meryl was amazing, as usual.

 It also had an unexpected side-effect: it made Laura really worried about death haha! Maggie's husband has been gone for awhile, and in the movie she would have hallucinations that he was there with her - and so Laura got really sad that no matter how great you were in life, you will be sad and alone one day. And she couldn't imagine living without Sarah by her side!! Wow Laura, mood killer!

Also, yesterday we went to the West End to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

See everything you need to know about Chinese New Year HERE!!

It is the Year of the Dragon (same as the year Laura was born!!) so Sarah bought her her own little dragon - Laura named it Derek.

And were part of a man's venture to have 800 people photographed in this hat. Don't worry, we kept our hats on underneath haha!

And we saw a Good Fortune Tree - you get different coloured bean bags (red is wealth!), and throw it at the tree- if it sticks, your wish will come true!! We got two wealth, one long-life and one good fortune - so we are quitting our jobs and waiting for our 'wealth' to roll in! Kidding!!

This is the best thing about London - there is always something going on, and you can happen upon so many random and amazing things! We loved celebrating Chinese New Year in London!!

Finally, we'll leave you with this hilarious video we found - talking animals, what is better??

Thanks for reading!!!

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Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo


  1. looks like you done some lovely things :))
    Meryl rocks... I adore her and cant wait to see The Iron Lady xxx

  2. Yay I loved this post! I love Pizza Express but L really doesn't, so I feel your pain lol.
    The Chinese new year pics are awesome, we went to the celebrations in Birmingham but it was too cold so we chickened out and ended up in Starbucks lol.
    Oh and I really like Sarahs grey blazer, I'm addicted to blazers at the moment :p
    S x

  3. We love pixxa express! Is that a padana?? YUM our fav. Thats good thats also 2 for 1! Aw yay you & Whit are born same year!! :)

    Cant wait to see you ladies

    M & W xx


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