Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What We Love Wednesdays - CHAV NIGHT, innit?!

At Sprezzatura, we are in the party mood. Yes, it's only Wednesday, absolutely freezing outside, we're swamped at work and are not making nearly enough money to make it worthwhile, but we still find ourselves just wanting to DANCE. And what better way to shake our groove things, but by one of our all-time favourite pastimes - CHAV NIGHT!! 

For the Americans (or, really, anyone non-English) out there, I bet you're wondering what a 'chav' is. We don't really have anyone in the US like them as far as I can tell (the closest might be the Jersey Shore crew), but we'll try to define it. Here we go. A chav is...a member of a British subculture of generally low-income youths who have a reputation for wearing WAY to much BRANDED clothing (think Burberry- before they re-branded to not be 'chavvy') or designer sportswear, big gold chains, caps etc. The phrase 'hot mess' comes to mind. They have a bad reputation of being loud, drunk and disorderly, hanging on street corners and causing trouble, driving low-end but "souped up" automobiles, and taking money from the government instead of working. What do you think, Brits - pretty fair definition? Anything else you can think of? 

In case you still need further clarification, here's a picture: 

Sexy and, unfortunately, he knows it.
So what does that have to do with these two classy ladies, you ask?? Well, once a month or so, (always on a Thursday - ladies night, holla!) we go to a scummy bar, preferably one with a stripper pole or two (for others to use), drink brightly coloured cocktails, dance the night away, and get our chav on!! 

Sometimes we even involve chavvy costumes... 

Heck yes we did.
The sole reason we take part in this somewhat embarrassing night is for a laugh. After all, life would be rather sad without laughing and it is the BEST stress reliever! One of Laura's favourite things about being with Sarah is how much we laugh together - we can turn almost anything into a silly/funny situation, have wicked senses of humour, and laugh our way through life - making the ordinary extraordinary! 

Latest chav night - with Marf Mayhem
We laugh at most of the same things - How I met Your Mother, New Girl, Flight of the Conchords, etc and according to Factmaster General Sarah, watching comedy films is good for you - research actually shows your blood vessels expand when laughing and that helps prevent heart disease. Woot! This might be contradicted (ever so slightly) by us indulging in a little alcohol on Chav nights but we are pretty hardcore dancers (we may or may not even do stretches beforehand), so we are relatively sure we burn it off!

That blue dye would haunt us for the rest of the nights...
Another reason we LOVE laughing is because it helps make friends - even if you aren't the joker in a group simply flashing those pearly whites will help someone warm up to you. It's also more infectious than yawning *yawn* - and looks a lot better! 

Even Derek the Dragon is smiling!!
Hey and good news - if we've managed to get you laughing with our terrible pictures (and videos, if you check back later in the week) from Chav nights of the past, then hey, good lookin' - you're getting slimmer! 15 minutes of laughter apparently burns 40 or so calories. That's why we're looking so svelte, despite the news we gave away in our vlog!

Plus Laura has the cutest laugh, so we had to put it on WWLW!

Love always,

Laura & Sarah xo


  1. Excellent way to spend a Wednesday:)

    Those blue drinks oh man.. never drink anything that practically glows.

    1. I know - we still had a sugar high the next day hahaha!

      Thanks for reading! :)

      Laura xo

  2. Hahaha love the red tongues... Looks so much fun... Xx
    Ps have sent you invite xx

  3. Lol, love it, looks like a fab way to de-stress! And I think your definition of chav was quite accurate, although you two are far too lovely to pull off looking like chavs lol
    S xx

    1. Hahaha fanks bruv, innit??

      Still think we can't be chavs haha??

      Thanks so much S!!!

      Laura & Sarah xo


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