Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What We Love Wednesdays!! Tattoos!

Can you believe it is only Wednesday today? Laura has been convinced it is Thursday since Monday. Epicfail. When the days drag like they are this week, we find ourselves daydreaming about all sorts of fun things, from our eventual nuptials, to travel destinations, to what tattoos we want to get and where. Seriously, from some of the conversations we have at lunchtime, you'd think we never worked! Today's WWLW is about something we've been thinking a lot about, lately: tattoos. 

Source: Tumblr
We love tattoos! We think they are a great form of expression, look awesome, and are a great way of marking yourself with what's important to you. 

Source: Tumblr
So far, Laura has three tattoos, and Sarah has one. 

Laura's first tattoo is a treble clef on her right ankle. She got it done because of her love of music - she was in show choirs and chamber choirs growing up, and is very passionate about different types of music. 

Second, she got a star on her left wrist. It was done during quite a dark period in her life, and holds personal meaning to her. Also, she would like to let it be known that she got it done before knowing Giselle Bunchen had it. Just so no-one thinks she has any kind of weird fascination with her. 
Laura's third tattoo is a rose, behind her ear. Surprisingly, this tattoo hurt the least! She got all her tattoos done before her 18th birthday, so her Mum had to sign for all of them. She is one awesome Mum!! 

Sarah was given her tattoo as a [very permanent] Christmas present from Laura a few years ago. She thought her surprise was going to be a spa package, so imagine her surprise when she was marched past the spa and into the tattoo parlour in Fulham!! Don't worry, she had been talking about getting one for awhile, it wasn't completely out of the blue. She now has a cute heart on her hip. 

Laura has a bit of a habit of getting tattoos for people - her and her little brother, Jason, got their Mum her first (and only) tattoo for Mother's Day a few years ago - at the age of 50! It is the aborigine symbol for determination (Laura's Mum is Australian) and it looks like a turtle on her forearm. Again, she had been talking about getting one, it wasn't just because Laura felt like getting someone a tattoo. She's now much cooler than the other Mums on the block! 

We have been watching a lot of Miami Ink lately, and been noticing some amazing tattoos on Tumblr - so it has given us tattoo fever again!! They really are addictive. Laura really loves Rihanna's tattoos and here's two designs we really like and may get in the next few years: 

We are going to get the word Sprezzatura tattooed on us somewhere - and before you think it, not because of our blog, but because of what the name means. Sprezzatura, for those who haven't seen it before, means 'Making the ordinary extraordinary.' We feel this is what we do on a daily basis; together, we make even the smallest daily tasks fun, romantic and wonderful. Sprezzatura is a reminder to enjoy the moments of your life, and not to take things for granted. 


Also, our codes for each other. It may seem a little junior high school, but when we were at our first job together, we'd write love notes to each other and make a game of getting them across the room to the other person, without any of our colleagues noticing. As the company watched emails and computers (we should really do a post on how incredibly ridiculous this company was and how they tried to 'out' us numerous times) the notes were an un-monitor-able form of communication, and are great reminders now of our 'honeymoon phase'. Our code names for each other would be a constant reminder of how much we love one another. 

Created by Sarah, they are our first and last initials forwards and backwards. 

Sarah wants to add more hearts to the one she has currently and a white tattoo on her wrist - in a role where she has to present at work she thinks the black will be to obvious & white tattoos are a bit different!

Source: Tumblr
And Laura would like the Southern Cross (from the Australian flag) on her rib cage. And she has a secret desire to have a colourful shoulder/half sleeve tattoo, but that wouldn't happen for a good few years, if at all. 

It's wonderful how commonplace tattoos have become in recent years - most people we know have at least one. 

Do you have any tattoos? If not yet, what would you like to get?


Following this posting, we were sent some AMAZING tattoos from our friends and fellow bloggers! Please enjoy!!

Kristin from Mondays With Mac!! Such a beautiful and powerful tattoo!!

Steph & Corrine from Waking Up With Her!! Gorgeous tattoos, and WOAH check out Cor's bicep!

Carley & Stacey from A Summer Full of Peaches!!! LOVE the fonts - and again, WOAH bicep, Stacey!!

Carley describes serendipity as 'like looking in your pocket for 10p in a shop so you can buy something, and then pulling out a winning lottery ticket instead - it's not what you were looking for, but it's a thousand times better and not something you ever would have expected at all.' So beautiful!
Stacey's is lyrics from a Tegan & Sara song - the lyrics are 'Mark my words, I might be something, someday' - inspirational!

Thanks ladies for sharing your tattoos - and if anyone else wants to share, please contact us!

Love, Laura & Sarah xo


  1. Yes, it was my first and last tattoo, and it hurt like hell! ;D Funny thing is, Jas (Laura's bro) also wants to get a Southern Cross tattoo one day! Good story! Love youz, Laura's Mum xxx

  2. Ren has two right now, one on the back of her neck symbolizing her faith of Buddhism, and then one on her arm she has the symbol for which in Chinese it is Lok, meaning happiness/music/light. In Japanese it is Raku meaning comfort/ease. :)

    I have one or two planned, but I'm too much of a wuss with needles. One being "If this war is never ending, I'll take this love down with me." in a pretty scripty font.

    I do loves me some well-placed tattoos though. :)

    -Cinnamon Bubbles

  3. Fabulous post! :) I have a tattoo on my hip that i got when I was 19 , I promised my mum it would be an inch square but ended up being four inches square-she wasn't happy! It symbolises the end in a bad part of my life, and was a few months before I met L. Looking back I don't think if I had the choice now I would have got it done, but I think it documents a part of my life, and things I learnt from.
    We also both have a fairly small tattoo on the back of our necks for each other that we got on our 5 year anniversary.
    I don't think either of us would have any more, or any that are visible, but I think well placed, well though out tattoos are beautiful. i think as long as they are pretty or meaningful you won't regret them :)
    s xx

  4. I have three tattoos. A starry night (not the painting, just lots of stars) with a big star that says "Grace" in the middle on my foot. This is for my niece who passed. I also have a breast cancer butterfly on my back for my cousin. My third says "Speak Now" to the left of my clavicle.

    My girl and I plan to get infinity tattoos similar to the ones you posted. We're going to get them together, we just aren't sure when!

    Love your tattoos, girls! :)

  5. Great post! Love the heart REALLY want one. As you know we both want lOve on us, but slightly different lol & We still need to design our 'M' & 'W' tattoos. OMG your code names are too cute! & V clever! Yes I think you should do a post about the discrimination you received, is ridiculous!!

    M x

  6. My lovely other and I are tattooed. Me more than her but we love the art. Our artist designed a tattoo that combined our two L's and she gifted it to us. L has her's on her back, along with the rest of the gift and her first tattoo. I have mine on my arm along with the rest of the gift and I'm pretty covered. I love my ink, they all have meaning as do L's. She plans for one more and I have a ways to go before my projects are done. Looking forward to it! :)

  7. I have two tattoos. My first one was done before I was 18 (with a fake id) but i love it. It says Es Muss Sein which is repeated in Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and means It Must Be.

    I got my second tattoo at 30 when angela DARED me to do it. On a whim I did and I somewhat regret it. oh well.

  8. Wow! You found a photo of my tattoo - it looked so much nicer then that it does now! :<

  9. So many gorgeous tattoos! Thanks for featuring our tats! Also, love your design!

    -Stephy and Cori xox


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