Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sarah's Family Christmas 2012

I LOVE history – I’m just going to put it out there! From a young age I was obsessed with learning as much as possible about the past. I would divulge Roman books and was lucky enough to live on what was an airfield in the second world war – history surrounded me. From the air raid shelter that was our ‘fort’ to the scribblings of soldiers on walls left in the area I was fascinated. It was a childhood mission to unearth the air raid shelter hidden under our bike hill (a hill that I flew off at one point and had numerous stitches- I wasn’t the girliest girl!!). Unfortunately it was flatten before my neighbour and I had dug deep enough and we never did find out the secrets we were convinced it held.

My area gave me an history interest I hold to this day – whether it was a bomb being discovered in our playing field or the fact that I was intrigued by where names came from I was always wanting to know more. When we did a geography lesson about land can give places names I stayed late to go through more. I grew up in Woodley – ‘Ley’ meaning ‘clearing’ was simple ‘clearing in a wood’! Then there was Twyford ‘ford (or low land) where you could cross two fords’! so clever.

OK so to save this becoming a history lesson I’ll get to the point – this weekend I had my family Christmas as I won’t be here for the actual day (did we mention we’ll be in Idaho :D) and part of that was to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Hawkhurst. My Dad mentioned it was a really old settlement and the date on their cottage was 1874 – HISTORY!!! My Aunt is also a history buff and we spent the afternoon looking up how the village came to be. Aside from a torrid history where smuggling was the main occupation it is a quaint village with a very farming-centric background. The name Hawkhurst being derived from ‘Hurst or Hyrst – meaning wooded land, put another way it’s woodland where hawks frequent.

I love having someone to share my interest and when I mentioned the possibility of Laura and I heading to ‘NutleyNew Jersey she was so excited. Turns out my great-great-great Uncle took a trip there, opened a town hall and they had a day of celebration in his honour! Mr Jack Nutley was a local celeb way back when – wonder if I can ask for the same honour?

Our Christmas celebration was lovely though, snug in our cottage with the fire burning we were able to have our last catch up of the year before a three course roast dinner. There is something about being in the warmth in this weather that warms the heart. I can’t wait to find out the history of the cottage – if those walls could talk!

It was a nice relaxing afternoon to counter the somewhat hectic day out in London I had enjoyed with my Mum and Sister on the Saturday. My sister had kindly booked us tickets to see Cabaret, my all time favourite film (set at the start of the second world war in Berlin). I was apprehensive, Will Young (Pop Idol winner back in 2002) was playing a lead and he had to be good. The role is pivotal to making the play funny but Will did not fail me. He was brilliant! In fact I may go as far as saying this was the best production of the film I had seen. The male nudity (very unexpected and the 2nd time I’ve seen a penis this year!!!) shocked the audience into action and there was cheers and applause throughout.

We were in the Savoy theatre, a truly beautiful theatre, and attached to the stunning Savoy hotel and it set the scene for a wonderful matinee performance. I am one truly lucky lady.


I spent Saturday night back in Reading at my parents new house and it’s funny, no matter how big the bed I stay on one side and my Mum even commented that I must have missed Laura as the spare pillow was well, squashed! Poor L I must really hug her tight at night.

It was a lovely weekend though and nice to spend the time with my parents, it’s been a while. For those of you who remember the trouble we have had since I’ve been with Laura you’ll understand why I treasure the good times. I can even report progress – Laura got a present from my Mum, was mentioned in cards and we even spoke about her in a positive way. May 2013 bring continued progress – I know what’s on my wish list!!


  1. Aww, I love Christmas posts! As for the history part, umm, you can tell Lauren about it?! Haha, although a man who works at Birmingham New St station did tell me a couple of facts about Birmingham's history, and I was genuinely interested! So there is hope :) Hope you are both having an amazing time in Boise :)
    S xx

  2. Christmas posts are the best! Sounds like you ladies are having a blast! Xoxo

  3. I love reading how other bloggers are spending their Christmases! Yay for a nice visit with family! Sounds like we have similar situations with regards to our families being (not so) receptive of our partners at first. It's always encouraging to hear of progress being made! I hope that's my family some day!

    On another note, I'm creating my blogroll and I was wondering if it would be ok to add you guys? :)


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