Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dear Conservative Party

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever write a post about UK politics. But yet, here it is, in all its glory. In general I think British politics is a bit boring, to be honest - but I've been paying close attention due to the gay marriage debate ensuing lately, and something has really frustrated me.

So this is kind of an open letter, kind of a blog post, and super duper advice, to the Conservative party.

Dear Conservative party.

Pull your damn self together. You've known for a long time now that David Cameron wanted to introduce gay marriage to the UK - its not a recent surprise. So why the last minute party implosion? You're apparently worried about losing the ethnic minority vote, with their 'traditional values' - this is silly in itself, because in one breath you are criticising immigrants being in this country, but you're worried about their opinions? I'm not saying its right, just hypocritical. A good percentage of those minorities don't, or can't, even vote! So why are they more important than the quite large British gay community?

Not to mention, if you were going to lose the homophobic vote, you did it waaay back when Cameron announced he supported same-sex couples getting married. So instead of now fighting within your party, you should get behind him, and be part of bringing Britain into the future. Whether you agree with lgbt marriage or not, you must know that it will happen at some point - countries all over the world and US states are moving towards equality, so you might as well be on the right side of history

At the moment, you are losing everyone's vote - homophobes wouldn't vote for you because of the same-sex marriage law introduction, and, more importantly, the many, many people who would be more likely to vote for a party who support gay marriage (88% of 25-39 year olds, apparently) also wouldn't vote for you at the moment, because we couldn't trust that the whole party is on the right side!

Internal party arguing just divides your audience in half, which won't be good for any election results.

So please, get it together, get behind good ole' Davie C, and help bring the UK into the future.


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  1. You are awesome... people just need to stop judging each other and let people live their lives they way they want to... it's no ones business and for the politicians... I agree, they better get on the right side of history :)


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