Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Remember the old days, where gay people couldn't get married?

As we sit here in our offices working at 15:50 pm on a grey Wednesday afternoon in London, we may not look different to our colleagues. Well, besides that Laura is fighting back tears, and Sarah's cheeks are really red. Nobody has noticed, but oh, how different we are - ten minutes ago, our marriage next year wouldn't have been legal on a federal level in the United States. But now, and we can hardly believe we are writing this... it is. DOMA has been struck down.

This doesn't mean much to many of the people in our offices (besides those who listen to our incessant speeches on the subject of marriage equality), but our whole lives have changed. We can now apply for a visa for Sarah to live in the USA. Our marriage will now be legal in 13 states. We have the chance to raise our children in the country Laura was brought up in. And no doubt this will be the catapult to more and more states recognising same sex marriages.

26th June 2013 - what an utterly fantastic work day today has been.


  1. That is wonderful for you Sarah & Laura... it's wonderful for everyone ;-)

  2. I AM SO HAPPY for you girls! I was fighting back tears to, it's lovely to see the USA progressing forward as a whole. I love it!

  3. hi there! my gf is from the philippines and I am a US citizen. I am currently living in the Philippines with her. Can I also apply for a fiance visa so I could bring her to the US?


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