Thursday, 3 October 2013

Our Autumn List, Plus a Bonus PSA

When we arrived back in ole' England a few weeks ago, we were (unpleasantly) surprised with how COLD it was! Apparently Autumn came while we were away! We were shivering outside for like 20 minutes waiting for Sarah's Dad to pick us up, and completely over it.

And then, sometime last week, I remembered - it's AUTUMN! As in, my favourite season of the year! The time for cute outfits, pumpkin flavoured everything, my BIRTHDAY, the lead up to 'no-diet' month (December, duh), and I finally don't have to see the mid-riff of every teen and tween on display! Hallelujah!!! Put that skin away, minors!

Then, of course, it randomly got warm again, so everybody awkwardly left their scarves at home, and everyone was sad. Except my colleagues who love outdoor summer activities.

We are currently going through some big changes at home, just got back from an amazing holiday, and preparing for one more hot holiday this weekend - so today, 3rd October, I'm going to make and share my our list for Autumn 2013.

Celebrate my BIRTHDAY - this Sunday! For the first time since we've been together, Sarah and I will be spending my big day apart (sadface) but will both be on holiday (redeemingly happy face!) - I'm turning 25 in Israel with my Dad, and Sarah will be in Spain with her parentals!

Introduce Sarah to a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

Try a new recipe every week - when it's cold outside, it's so much more fun to bake, cook, and listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album secretly in October - just kidding you guys, it's Bieber's Christmas album.

Go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween!

Dress up for Halloween (separate to RHPS) - I'm in charge of my office Halloween party this year - so you know it'll be over the top and American-ized, like all good holidays are!

Carve pumpkins 
Aww, remember Paul you guys?
Start wearing cute scarves, hats and gloves immediately! Well, immediately upon our returns from holiday. You hear that Britain? Cool down. Now.

Restart our romantic date night once a month, as summer was just too busy to keep to any romancin' schedule

Have a child trick or treat at my house - or my work, or anywhere! I can't believe the child in the flat below us doesn't get to trick or treat, surely that's child cruelty? I'll give out candy to the couriers at work if I have to, it is FINALLY happening this year.

Side note, Last year I worked with a guy with two kids, who he wouldn't let participate in Halloween because it 'encourages celebrating the devil' or something of the sort. I was (and am still) completely offended by that - Halloween may have historically been about the evil spirits or whatev, but these days its about candy, and also about candy. No, it's about letting your child dress up, they can be whomever they want to be for that night! Also, it's about adults doing it too. And candy.

And no, Britain, it is not about dressing sluttily and getting plastered. It's about candy.

Well that took an odd turn. I'm off to wear all of my scarves at once, and to Instagram the hell out of it.

Also, judging from my social media feed, a lot of us suffer from CFD. Watch this PSA video on the horrific symptoms of this seasonal disorder.

Honey badger got CFD, but honey badger don't care.


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  1. Haha... Halloween is about Candy... lol... Valentina gets to dress up for a school Halloween party, a church trick or trunk party and actual Halloween... it is about the candy.. hehehe

    I love this post... I love autumn too :)


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