Monday, 4 November 2013

The Third (Or Fourth) Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show + Halloween

I should really figure out how many times we've seen this movie together.

At Halloween, my office party went down really well - people loved the apple bobbing without apples or water, the monster cupcakes Sarah made went down a treat as did the three layer graveyard dip with tortilla chips, and my cocktail made from literally all the random alcohols we have in our office actually tasted pretty good. A great time was had by all.

Now, unfortunately for me, not all holidays can go off without a hitch. As much as I try. Sarah told her sister we'd meet at 6:30pm, and I told Alison and Dave 7:00pm, which caused Sarah and I to have a way over-dramatic argument over the phone (while I was on the bus, entertaining the people in front of me with my angry whispering).

Of course, as expected, it turned out fine and we kind of forgave each other over the deliciousness of a 5 person meal at Wahaca (yummm, plantain tacos).

But when we got to the theatre, Sarah looked like she wasn't enjoying it and though it turned out she was but was tired from the really late night I made her have with my cupcake making (fair enough), I didn't ask her and just got annoyed instead so we pretty much ignored each other the whole show, which is funny when you see the below pictures - we knew we wouldn't be mad for long so just took some nice ones.

And then Sarah randomly decided she didn't want me in this photo. I look cool with it.

But despite our joint exhaustion we absolutely loved the show (as usual) - Alison and Dave came as Janet and Brad, and claimed pretty much the cutest RHPS couple in the entire planet award - and Fiona, who had never seen it before, managed to come dressed perfectly as a partygoer and rocking a pink wig. They all absolutely loved it too, which is so great because its my favourite movie of all time!

Can't wait for our fourth/fifth annual viewing!!!

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  1. You two are adorable! I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did. My girlfriend lives in London and I'm in California, so it's wonderful to see such a couple making it work. I love your honesty about your little tiffs and how you work through them. Oh, and Wahaca = YUM. It's actually where we had our first date :) Sending lots of love

    xxxx, Tay


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