Friday, 28 March 2014

Sarah & Laura's Wedding: Only 3 Months.

Oh. My. God.

3 months.

Obviously it's all been excitement over here with the legal ceremony and the media excitement around the first gay marriages happening (tomorrow!!), but amongst all of it, our wedding day in June is drawing ever-nearer. Ever nearer!!

This month, we had a Skype meeting with our wedding planner, where we okay'd the final (ish) design elements, and its really really feeling real. Even the fact that we are over budget - boo! We knew this time would come, it was all going to well, but now we are down to making decisions about what we can save money on and what we don't really need! We are hoping for bonuses at work so that we can sneak a little more into the budget but we are well aware that running up a huge debt for one day - however significant - won't be worth it.

So while our debates continue and our wedding planner does her best to move cost and save us a bit of money we are concentrating on our legal I do's. But we did find out this week that our invites have gone out, so we are SO EXCITED!!!!! Not only do we absolutely love the invite design by our wonderful bridesmaid Julia but we can't wait for everyone we invited to see them too. And then there's finally getting to receive RSVPs and actually secure some seating/sleeping arrangements! Our wedding planner has been very relaxed about this while we wanted invites sent out ages ago. The logic Brandi explained to us makes perfect sense - send them too early and people will forget or lose the details - but L loves to plan and I am not good when things go to the wire so planning ahead is almost a necessity for us. 3 months ahead does not seem like a long time - but we negotiated to get 3 months Brandi was happy with 2 :) We went with the reason that as we leave the country the week before the wedding to head to VEGAS we needed more time!

Planning the wedding is one thing, there are so many blogs and websites that give you check lists and planning tools but when you are planning a wedding week it's a whole different story! It makes planning a wedding (with wedding planner help :)) seem easy. With guests from 3 continents flying in at different times, having different trips and with different expectations it's a logistical challenge that only L and her Mum could manage! I mean the spreadsheets - there are lists for EVERYTHING! For food,sleeping, travel itineraries, arrival times, hotel bookings - it's like we've planned a lifetime worth of trips.

Without our Mum's it is fair to say that we wouldn't get any sleep and would be more than a little stressed. Thanks to them the moment it gets too much they step in and do what they can and we are so lucky that they take care of everything and anything! While L's Mum is choosing stamps and addressing envelopes mine is sorting our flight and hotel payments and managing appointments! We will of course give them Mother's Day off!

Oh so yeah the appointments- this month there's the dress fittings, and we have booked hairdressers, manicure & pedicure's, the Bridesmaids are debating hairstyles and shoes and accessories are being ordered.

So while we continue with the celebration for our legal ceremony I thought I would end this post on a reflective note. Love. Isn't it amazing how happy love makes people. People you have never met, people you follow online or who follow you, people you work with, friends you known forever or have only just met and family - they all love love. Seriously the happiness and joy we have experienced has been overwhelming. It turns out people like sharing love with us! THANK YOU for all the kind comments, for all the support through our dieting, for all the comments and love you have sent but most of all for sharing our journey. Even out engagement video views are astounding (for us): It's here. In the last few weeks we've cried more tears of joy that ever before - partly because we are picking songs for the legal ceremony and big day - but mainly because of the love.

Enjoy your weekends and we will be sure to keep you updated on everything that happens as equal marriage becomes a reality in the UK!
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  1. I am so excited for you two, I am happy both your mums are taking care of you each a little... I am sure your wedding will be beautiful :)


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