Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring!! (is Here?)

Oh you guys, I've never been so excited for springtime in my entire life. Growing up in Idaho, with it's proper seasons, I've taken spring and summer for granted, and always thought the English grossly overreacted to warm weather. Snow, and winter, is where its at!

It's taken me six years in this country, but I've finally changed my tune. This loooong London winter has broken me. I'm aching for warm weather and sunshine. My feet are so sick of socks. I've got new sunnies, and want to BREAK THEM OUT!

Happy feet
Which is why this weekend was just the best weekend ever. I'm always conscious of how American I sound when I say things like that - Sarah said one of the things she didn't like about me (and the other Americans at work) was that we had a habit of saying 'This is the best day EVER!', and she didn't understand how every day could be the best day ever. I now say its because she didn't know what being with me was like ;D

There was sun. And warmth. And guess what? Our back yard gets the sun! Bonus! Both times we walked around our home before buying it it was grey and cloudy, so we didn't know if we had a sunny yard. But Sunday, we got out our garden chairs, our Diet Cokes, and basked in the sunlight on our deck. Sarah even wore shorts. IT WAS HEAVEN! Seriously, worth purchasing the house just for this outdoor space alone.

This weekend we also went into town to the Bullring, to go shopping - properly, for the first time since... September, maybe even earlier? Turns out you don't do much shopping when paying for a wedding and a house. We spent some Christmas money my parents had given me, and our quick one hour pop into the Bullring turned into three hours. Oops!

So we are slowly sorting some clothing options for Vegas/Boise! As we don't have a very long summer here, and we spend a good portion of those sweaty days at work, I don't really have a 'summer' wardrobe, persay - I just don't wear tights with the dresses I'd usually wear with tights in the winter. But I know, with the heat of Vegas on me, I'll need to actually invest in summer clothes. So, we got a good start on that this weekend.

We also finally put up our photos and pictures on the walls, and did some more painting! I told Sarah's Dad this proudly, and he said 'you have MORE pictures??!?' so apparently we have too many photos.

How did you enjoy this past glorious weekend? Really sorry for those of you with snow, this was kind of a douchey post haha.


  1. Utah has similar weather to Idaho. I've been so excited for spring to rear it's head. It has been 50's and 60's this past week for the first time this year and then BAM! today I wake up with snow. BOO! I'm jealous of your good weather!

  2. I am thrilled you had such great weather, enjoy it as must as possible... I hope it is a good long summer for you all :)

    I want the spring and hopefully it will be here soon... I am trying to be patient :)

  3. In Germany its really sunny too, well southern Germany haha but I have to work all the time, so I cant enjoy it....


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