Monday, 31 March 2014

What a weekend!

It's Monday already and we are still catching our breath. It was a weekend that won't be forgotten for sure!

As many of you will know this weekend was the first time gay couples could get married in the UK and we made history by being the first girl-girl couple to sign our legal wedding papers papers in the Westminster Registry Office, at Mayfair Library.

The ceremony was exactly as we wanted it. Just us, simple, sweet and short. We wanted to save the celebrations and wedding vows till June and save any confusion. If Idaho let us marry, then Saturday wouldn't have happened. How strange is that?! However it turned out to be fortunate for us as we were suddenly swept into unexpected celebrations here in the UK and it certainly made the day memorable.

We shared some of our news last week but we can bring you the output of some of the fun things we did here!

Last Thursday you may have seen that we took part in a glamorous wedding photo shoot, we weren't sure exactly what it was for other than a newspaper but we were told we'd get to dress up and have hair and makeup done so we thought whatever happened we have a nice pic of us.

Here's the result:
We're upload the article later!
And no they aren't our ACTUAL wedding dresses, we picked something different!
We love it, although the article was slightly misquoted it's amazing that we made the centre pages of a national newspaper! Babies are a little further down the line than a year! But I am sure my kiss was that amazing ;)

Then there was the appearance on national TV! Again we weren't sure what was happening except we had to get to the BBC studios. From there we were moved from pillar to post. Told we were just standing as the audience, then we were in, then we weren't, then there were tuks-tuks then there weren't. Then it was live and we were waving not knowing if we were on camera and then we were ushered in to watch the show and finally we were told to run to the tuk-tuks as the presenters may want to question us. Seriously we were just going with the flow and it ended up being really fun-not at all what we expected but fun :) We will figure out a way to record our bit but in the mean time here's a screenshot our friend @foxyinwonderland took:

My manager also managed to get a screenshot!

Finally we had given a very brief interview to the Associated Press and it turns out that it featured in Canada, India and the USA, even making a headline in Laura's home state -Idaho!
Source: Associated Press

The whole article is here: 
Idaho Statesman
We also received the sweetest video from a fellow blogger from Germany that we were lucky enough to meet when she visited the UK - it made our Sunday!

One of my colleagues got us a lovely card and our friends Alison and Dave and Lisa joined us for dinner and treated us to champagne!

And big thanks to fellow bloggers Steph and Corrine from and Susie and Natalie from all sent us special messages, it is amazing how much the support means!

We also spotted stonewall put celebrated too:

We will share some more photos from each experience in the coming weeks but we thought we'd show you what we have so far, we hope you had as much fun seeing the pics as we had creating them. Life is for living right and if us publicly showing our love helps one person feel more 'normal' and a little less afraid of being gay then it was worth it! Plus the BBC and The Sun tempted us with free food and diet coke! (how could we resist :))


  1. A truly special day - definitely one to tell your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about one day! :D

  2. I think this is wonderful... wow, how amazing to be the first ones married on such an incredible day. :)

  3. awesome!! awesome, awesome, awesome!! such an incredible thing for you both!! <3

  4. Aww so glad you girls got to do that. Making awesome memories and making history too x


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