Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Good Night's Sleep!

Sleeping. We all do it, most of us love it, can't get enough of it and  are happy when days allow us to get more but such is life that alarms ruin the ever so comfortable sleep and days begin before you got your 8 hours! Right now 7 hours is a great night for us, any more and we miss out on evenings and any less and Laura fears for her life with me driving in the morning!

I did come across this in today's paper though and thought it was an interesting one, I don't know how true it is, however as our results mean our relationship is 91% satisfying I would like to think it's kinda accurate!

The article continues to detail what sleeping positions can tell us about our relationships and I have to say it really appeals to me as I love to learn about the subconscious things that go on and can say so much. Having presented at work and taught others how to present, you really see how your mind can work for or against you. For example, nervous people will more than likely look down, making them look nervous but if you train yourself to look up as much as possible when you are nervous you will come across as a much more confident person!

Anyway, back to sleep: here are what the common positions say about you:
The full fetal position: Indecisive, anxious and sensitive to criticism
The semi-fetal position with knees drawn up: Open to compromise, unlikely to take extreme action, likely to pacify others
Flat on your back: Confident, open, expansive and thrill-seeking
Face-first: tendency for rigidity and need to be perfect

So there you have it, what does your sleeping position say about you and your relationship?

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  1. The semi-fetal position with knees drawn up, actually one knee up and the other leg is straight... I wonder what that means... lol

    I also like to curl up behind who I sleep or at least back to back and always touching... :)


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