Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April Fools Day - The Aftermath

I have a hate/love relationship with the 1st April. I say it in that order because my HATE for being fooled/tricked/pranked is much greater than my love for tricking people.

However, I think the day has become much better since social media, because the tricks/pranks companies play are so much more hilarious than those that get played on me by people I no longer like.

Complete list of awesome internet pranks HERE

Very unlike me, but with the idea from a colleague, I pulled a very convincing prank on my office yesterday.

Sent around the following email:

I was honestly surprised how many people fell for it - and I'm unsure if it's so believable because of my awesome writing style (yay!) or because I'm such an Office Manager nag that they could believe I'd charge them for tea and coffee (boo).

After I sent the email, I started to think it was actually a pretty genius idea. The drinks would pay for themselves, or, even better, I'd no longer have to purchase much tea/coffee! Wins for me all around!

But obviously I'm not imposing it because I don't want a coup d'etat - those Brits are positively murderous without their tea.

Pretty much the entire reason I wrote this post was to share THIS POST with you from Venus Trapped in Mars, one of my favourite blogs to follow. It's just so funny, and so true.

Did you get pranked, or did you prank someone yesterday?

Are you like me, who thought of an awesome one for next year and now has to somehow remember it for an entire year? #nochance

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  1. I don't pull pranks, I rarely have anyone pull a prank on me... yours was priceless, I think it was because of your writing skills that they believed it as well, many companies are downsizing that perk :) Have a great rest of the week :)


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