Monday, 28 April 2014

That's It - 2 months to go!

2 months to go!
Why does 2 months seem both a really long time and yet not long at all?! When I think about 2 months in weeks it doesn’t seem many but in days it still seems FOREVER!
I keep wondering if it’s too early to get excited, once I’m excited it’s all I will think about so I have to pick the right moment to flick the switch!

But anyways as April has somewhat flown by the things that have been sorted out this month just seemed to happen without drama, without too much organisation and good job to as they were pretty major events!
Firstly we got our dresses fitted. Laura and I took my Mum with us to the only David’s Bridal store in the UK which happens to be part of the Westfield Stratford mall and right by the Olympic Park – sightseeing and shopping, perfect J

Our appointment was just after 2pm so we held off lunch and headed in with our dresses in tow. The shop wasn’t quite as big as the USA one where we brought our dresses but we were ushered upstairs and into the dressing rooms. After fighting our way into the under garments – corsets and petticoats don’t you know – we were finally ready to put the dresses on.

We held our breathe, would they be too big, too small, we would like them as much as we did the first time…….it was nerve-racking!

Thankfully they fit, well they fit in the main but after Laura’s Keto effort and my occasional bursts of exercise we both needed the dresses taking in. As we stood in the middle of a massive mirrored dressing room being pinned and measured and pinned again and twirled and told to breath out we were fitted. I took along the jewellery my Mum had gifted to me and we tried our hairstyles to get the ‘look’ and we got a real sense of what the day would be like.
Thankfully it wasn't THIS big!
After a few pics to remember the dresses over the next 2 months we were done, it took us just over an hour in total! It is amazing how look getting the dresses on and off really takes.

Then there were the invites. We really had to be calmed down by our wedding planner when it came to sending these out. Our plan was to send them in January desperate to get the rsvp’s back but we were warned if we sent them too soon people would forget them / mislay them and not reply. Not something we wanted to deal with. So they were sent out very kindly by Laura’s Mum at the start of April and ever since we’ve been getting RSVP’s back. Each one is exciting – even the ‘no’s’ as every reply is one step closer to knowing who will be there with us to celebrate.
We shall avoid this! Promise :)

One thing we didn’t take into consideration though was the online gift registry. We use computers all day every day, we search on computers, save things, plan things, work on them- in fact there isn’t much we don’t do so we forget that not everyone is ready to dive online. Therefore setting up an online gift registry proved an unexpected challenge, firstly we didn’t realise quite a few guests only had ipads and we had configured it for desktops, then we didn’t realise that our instructions weren't that clear for those who don’t use ebay etc. Does Paypal confuse everyone else as much as it confuses us?! Thankfully all issues were minor and easily sorted by my wonderful fiancée! It's just kinda odd thinking of ways to have people pay you when all you are doing is having a day to celebrate you......

Finally we decided we would do a pre-dinner game with a prize for the guest who knows us best. We thought we would ask questions that would encourage guests to talk to each other. As far as we know no one guest would no all the answers so there is enough challenge to make it interesting, enough incentive to participate and enough distraction to stop tummies grumbling!  

Next on the to-do list is getting our bridesmaids kitted out and finalising the welcome gifts and i'm sure a million other things but right now we are in a good, calm, relaxed space and wishing 2 months would just fly by!

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  1. Glad all plans are going well, do you find putting your dresses on the most exciting yet nerve-racking thing?!
    If you can practice sitting & getting up & also think about how you'll go toilet, I had to have my auntie help me lift layers of dress up for me to sit down & then make sure all the layers were back down properly... This was fine until a few drinks had gone down & I was going much more thankfully we are close ;)

    Enjoy the moments of planning girls cause you'll feel lost after its over

    Chloe x


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