Thursday, 24 April 2014

Z is an aggressive letter

Z is an aggressive letter. There I have said it. Put my opinion to the world and I stand by it.

So in order to record an event that took place last night I thought I would turn to the blog! As Laura stated at the time, this is controversial. A bit like our bath vs shower debate it could split our readers, I am certain this will prove a UK vs USA thing so here goes!

Yesterday L shared an email with me written in American-English and I felt confronted. I am used to Laura’s pronunciation of certain words being different and I am not unfamiliar with the American spellings – I am just about dealing with color instead of colour but the use of ‘z’ really challenges me.
There I am reading along and the word ‘organiZation’ hits me. The ‘Z’ just ruins the word for me. In the English was the ‘s’ allows you to continue reading the word without confrontation, the ‘s’ smooths the journey from o to n without interruption. Put a Z and you have to stop and adjust did the letter really just turn you around. Yes, yes that ‘Z’ stood there brazen faced and said notice me!
Now Laura thinks the ‘z’ adds pazzaz, it keeps you interested and awake. How very American – a letter that wants to be the best, stand out of a word in a sentence when really it doesn't need to! I kid of course – we love our American readers J

But you have to agree:
Realise is so much calmer than realize!
Advertise is nicer than Advertize – are trying to sell to me or scare me!
Americanisation is much more civil than Americanization
Empathise seems kinder than empathize- less angry!

So let’s minimise the use of minimize and make the world a smoother, slick, silky, softer place! Let the S rule!

I’m struggling to think of others but you get the idea. I’m all for a calmer, less confrontational life and this rant has at least got it off my chest!

Are there any words that annoy you?


  1. Well girlies I am finally up to date with the blog. I have read it from start to .... Well here!!
    I feel like I know you so well... Haha.

    I get the Z thing .... For some words it can make things sound angry but for some it makes more sense to me.

    I cannot think of any words right now to use as an example, how annoying.
    I shall comment again when I remember.

    :) x

  2. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I am sure there are :) As for the z, it is ingrained in me for 50 years, lol... my fingers just type it without thought... :) I'll probably use it but if I remember, I will us an s... :) Have a great day.<3


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