Thursday, 19 June 2014

All In Aide Of A WEDDING.....

We had heard about the all the crazy things that Brides do in preparation for their wedding and we agreed that while we want to be the best versions of ourselves for the day we don't want to miss out or look back and feel like the lead up to the wedding was one long diet. I mean Vegas on a diet - hells no!

So in order to get ourselves wedding ready we have undertaken a few activities and lifestyle changes that will hopefully have us looking our best for the big day. We therefore dedicate this blog post to the weird, wonderful and somewhat wacky prep we have so far completed:

1) The Keto Diet: This was started by Laura after seeing one of our friends have great success with it.The theory is that you get your body to enter a state of ketosis:
Info from:
A word of warning though - if you are interested in this read up on it, it's not for everyone! Oh and feel free to ask the lovely Laura about it, she's got some amazing keto friendly recipes to share!

2) The exercise; Everyone knows it's not just dieting that gets your body in shape it's also the moving around a bit too! You will know by now that neither of us are gym bunnies, in fact you are more likely to find us walking fast in the opposite direction to the gym that in it but we try. In fact we'd try anything to avoid paying to do exercise! So here is a low down on the top exercises we found that worked for us, fitted in with our hectic lives and weren't too bad to actually do.

Firstly Tae-bo: I (Sarah) have done Taebo on and off for years - like 16 years or something crazy. Billy Blanks has an 8 minute work out that I used to do before school, or work and it is a great stress reliever. I mean punching at pace while imaging the face of someone who just really annoyed you and keeping fit - brilliant! Here's the 8 minute work out:

Tone It Up: Well in particular the Tone It up Bikini Ready work outs, great for exercising all parts of your body and our favs were the all over body work outs or the arm workouts. These girls go hard but it's only for 15 minutes so it's manageable. This is our fav arm workout:

Then there is the inevitable cardio. I've been getting mine in by walking to the next tube stop - a distance of just over a mile, in fact from car to work I walk just over 2 miles. Then on the nice evening we head out for a half an hour jog, it has certainly helped increased our health even if the impact hasn't been massive.

3) Teeth Whitening: You may have seen the photos of this beauty treatment. We got a great deal on GroupOn and ended up in a beauty salon just down the road from my first London flat. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Laura sensibly kept her phone with her while I found myself with 45 minutes of staring at the ceiling while my teeth were blasted with ultraviolet light. Every 15 minutes the beautician would check we were okay but other than that it was as simple as lay back and relax - you know as much as you can with your mouth forced open! As were weren't getting our teeth bleached they warned us that they wouldn't be WHITE, just returned to their natural colour but we were happy with the results.

4) Tanning: It is fair to say while England has not provided the constant sun shining we'd have liked it has given us a few weekends to lay out in the garden and work on the tan but as time is of the essence we also splurged and bought ourselves Tanning Shop minutes and have been popping in on an adhoc basis for the last few weeks. well it's almost 40 degrees C in Vegas so we couldn't turn up white, we'd be fried!

5) Face Gym: Definitely the most random of our pre-wedding activities! The title is self explanatory though, it's a gym for your face. Thankfully we didn't have to do the work. In the middle of Selfridges we took a seat, laid back and had our faces prodded, massaged, stretched, rolled in fact check out the menu!

6) Hair! A rather important part for us the hair. Between us we have a LOT of it, and as of yesterday we now have even more! Once again GroupOn came up trumps and I got an amazing deal at an amazing salon (Silverclips for my extensions. It took all of 90 minutes for me to walk out with the longest hair I have ever had. On the other side of London town my gorgeous fiancee was hooking up with her favourite gay hairdresser Adam to have her highlights done and once again become the blonde bombshell she likes to be. Check us out:

7) Boo Tea Detox: The other, and final, part of our wedding prep has been our teatox for the last two weeks. Again recommended by a friend who had lost more than a few pounds. The detox is actually really simple - drink tea! Well drink the daytime tea every morning and the nighttime tea every other night. However with our schedules, late nights and general manic-ness even the simple became difficult at times, but we made it through. The energy and appetite suppressor in the day time tea worked so well, I would honestly drink it without it being part of the teatox. The nighttime tea had the detox effects it was meant to have too so we would definitely recommend it if you want that final boost pre-holiday! The site we used was:
And we have a 20% off coupon we can share:

There is probably a lot more that we've been doing but these are the highlights, turns out this wedding is bringing out the high maintenance in us both!

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  1. You have a right to be high maintenance... this is a special day.. ♡♥♡


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