Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Life Update - Married 3 Months and What is Free Time Again?

OMG we haven't blogged for almost 3 weeks. Apologies guys, bear with us - since the wedding, and returning - having Laura's parents here, commuting, doing the Ride Across Britain, more commuting, Sarah away with work, Laura away with work - it has not felt like we have had a moment to breathe, let alone blog. We haven't had brain power to pen down thoughts on current events, or indeed anything except hastily written accounts of some of the things we've done lately. Our works have been crazy busy, our evenings have been short. It has been enjoyable, of course, but exhausting.

Because of this, I don't yet feel like I know what it's like to be MARRIED to this beautiful woman of mine, even though we have been wed for three months now. We need down time, date time, to be able to experience it. All I know is every time I see her marching up the street after a long day at work, rolling briefcase in hand, I'm so overwhelmingly happy she is mine. Soon, I'm sure, we will get back to our routine, and have more time for each other. But in the meantime we just need to plough through it hand in hand.

Luckily, tomorrow marks the beginning of my favourite three months of the year. I LIVE for October through December. I love all the standard autumn things, of course  - changing leaves, cooler weather, scarves, comfort food, etc etc - but I love it for so much more. The holidays, including my birthday, baking, the emphasis on family, songs of the season, being able to sleep with a duvet on without getting way too hot. It's just all so wonderful, and I've given myself a few goals for the next few months.

1. Slow the heck down. Enjoy my favourite time of year. I don't really know how to go about this, as I feel like I'm running around in a haze of admin and work, but it's going to happen, and we're going to love it. Yay for our first holiday season as a married couple!

2. Say 'sorry' less. I don't mean stop apologising for things I've done wrong, but when my mum was here she brought to my attention how the British influence has made me lose my.... American assertiveness, I suppose. I have taken hardcore to saying 'sorry' for everything - ie. when someone runs into me on the street ('sorry' for taking up your space on this public sidewalk), when a waitress gets my meal wrong ('sorry' for the inconvenience of having to go away to cook the correct meal), or for lots of other similar situations where I've actually done nothing wrong. I know its just something to say for the sake of it, really, but it has attributed to me being quite uncomfortable standing up for myself sometimes, which is not at all how I was for the first few years of UK residence. So I'm breaking the habit! It's been 1.5 days and I have broken it 3 times, but it takes two weeks to form a habit, right?

3. Get healthier. We have struggled to eat well and exercise since we returned from the big occasion. I want to eat more greens, and much less bread. So I resolve to do this, and exercise 4 days per week, throughout October and November. Exceptions being holidays of course. But all bets are off in December - I plan to bake and cook and eat up a festive storm!

To help with this, I received my first birthday present from my gorgeous wife today - a spiraliser! I'm so excited to use it tonight to make courgette noodles. I've enjoyed them before using a grater, but this will be so much easier and will make them better formed. I'm also going to try out my cauliflower fried 'rice' using this for lunch tomorrow! Excitement!

We are off for a secret birthday surprise trip away this weekend - I can't wait to find out where it is!! Sarah is giving me a clue per day - yesterday's was below. Please don't comment where you think it might be, until I know on Saturday! But take your bets now, I want to know if you've guessed it all along!

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  1. It's great to see you posting... I knew you two must have had a lot on the go. I have to agree with you about slowing down to enjoy what's around us ;-)


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