Thursday, 13 November 2014

Is It Time To Get Festive Yet?

Attack of the Christmas ads, maybe I should rephrase that it didn't sound very Christmassy - welcome the Christmas ads!

Here is how pretty much every meeting I had today went:
Them: 'How are you?'
Me: 'Good - you?'
Them: 'Good - can't believe it's almost Christmas - have you seen xxxxxx (insert any of the below here) advert?'
Me: 'Ah yes I awwwwed, wiped a tear, felt a longing for a white Christmas and then consoled myself with the fact that the amount of food coming my way will make up for a lack of snow - NOT'.

So anyway for those of you who haven't quite had the time to sit back and enjoy the festive ads on offer in the UK let us offer you a whistle stop tour.

Firstly John Lewis:
Awwww isn't it sweet, or as my Dad point out - highly unrealistic as penguins are from the South Pole and therefore nothing to do with Christmas! In fact it is kinda sweet in a cuddly toy way but it is a shame there wasn't a bit more equal love shared and it's not just us who think so:
(From the Evening Standard)
But the popularity of penguins must be at all time high if the sold out range and craziness to get some penguin themed clothes in store today was anything to go by.

Then there is Sainsbury's:
Maybe I should have mentioned a tissue may be required. Based on a story that war stopped on Christmas day for a game of football you can't help but appreciated the message in this poignant clip.

Aldi kept to a food theme:

So does Waitrose:

Marks and Spencers went with this:
Erm okay.......
I think I prefer this one:
I am counting down the day till we get to unpack ours, we are even attempting lights this year - cue much excited, fear and OMG this could be AMAZING or TERRIBLE! Lets hope for the former!

But nothing beats good olde Coca-Cola for that Christmas feeling:

Are you feeling festive yet?

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