Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Becoming A Family Of Three!

Have we mentioned our big news yet? As you know, 2014 has been an amazing year for us and it's difficult to look ahead to a fairly quiet 2015 focused on paying our families back for their contributions to our wedding and house and establishing ourselves in Birmingham full time. That is, it WAS difficult until we finally got around to making one of my life long dreams a reality........

So on Saturday we are picking up our PUPPY, a little girl named Bisbee. Our fur baby will be just under 10 weeks old and we cannot wait to bring her home. As it's all we can think about, talk about and look at we thought we would pull together this post of the journey so far.

We first met Bisbee back in October after seeing an ad on Pets4Homes. The sable offspring of a cockapoo and poodle, we fell in love at first sight.

Those ears!!

We knew we wanted a cockapoo based on feedback we had from friends, the results of this test:
....and a decision to comprise. I wanted a dog with floppy ears and Laura wanted a larger dog. We both wanted it to be smart and friendly and need a moderate amount of exercise. We also knew it would have to be happy on its on as well as in social situations.

Initially we wanted to look into adopting a dog from a pound / rescue home but both of us agreed that for our first dog it would be best to get one we knew the background of - including the opportunity to meet the parents and the rest of the litter. As I have never had a dog I wanted to see the temperament of the parents and the puppy nature around other dogs, and after Laura's Thailand dog bite in 2012 she is nervous around them, so we thought that knowing it from very young would reform her bond with them and her trust in dogs.

The cockapoo puppy met every need. On top of that her hypoallergenic coat makes her great to be around kids with allergies and her inquisitive nature means she should be happy to be looked after by different people if work demands mean neither of us will be at home occasionally.

This little lady is about to be engulfed in love and her arrival at home couldn't be better timed. The pile of presents for her under our tree and my parents' tree is bigger than everyone else's and I know that her cuteness is going to have everyone ready to cater to every whimper.

That said, Laura and I have been watching puppy training videos non-stop, we have our rules written out and we are ready to face the cutest puppy we've ever met without being pushovers. We just hope she's ready for us!

I can't quite believe we are on the 2 day to go countdown - these have been 9 very long weeks and I have had at least 2 melt downs worrying that I will make a terrible puppy-mum! What if I'm too strict, or not strict enough, what if she gets lonely or sick or lost - it's like waiting to have a child. The preparation - booking puppy school, finding a vet, getting insurance, the right toys and the right lead and the right car seat - there is so much to think about!

We know she is feisty, not afraid to stand up for herself and into everything - L is already one set of laces down from our last visit! Our Christmas decorations may not stand a chance. We have no doubt this puppy will bring more chaos and craziness to our life than ever before and we say bring it on! No doubt a hug with this cutie will have her forgiven in seconds!

Our last pics from the breeder - she didn't want to come in as the garden was too much fun!

And so if you follow us on Instragram or Facebook this is your 2 day warning - the puppy photos are coming! We hope you like them as much as us :)
We can't wait!


  1. AHHH!! Congrats you two! She's so cute!! You're going to be great fur-mums!

  2. OMG I am so excited for you guys and can't wait for Otis the cavapoo to meet Bisbee the cockapoo! She's SO adorable <3 We pick up our boy the day after you get Bisbee- eeeeek! We've been the same, prep-wise; adamant we won't be pushovers... but what about when ohmygodheistoocute? Will be checking out your Instagram at the weekend. Squeeeee enjoy your little girl! xxx

  3. Oh my goodness... she is so beautiful... I know what time of dog to get when/if I decide to get one... I haven't owned a dog since I was very young but this breeds sounds great for me ... who could resist their cuteness xox

    I know you will be wonderful and loving pet owners... Have fun ;)

  4. Bisbee is PRECIOUS! I love her name too... there is a small town here in Arizona called Bisbee! I can't wait to see her pictures flood Instragram :) I'm sure you two will LOVE being puppy mommies. We got our first dog a year after dating and now he's almost 6! Dogs bring so much joy... congratulations!

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