Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Our little girl!

Well not so little girl had her op today to save the world from lots of other Bisbee's - which while they would have been super cute - is a good thing. We ummed and ahhed and googled and asked friends and fellow pet owners before making the decision. We knew we would get her spayed we just didn't know if we should let her have her first season or not and it seemed that the world was divided.

Our vet was pro getting it done as soon as she was 6 months while others seemed to believe there were health benefits to waiting till her first season - including confirmation that she would be fully grown. We debated until she got to 6 months and still hadn't made a decision then after reading a few more stories about how other dogs had been through weeks of discomfort and some had 3 week seasons we made our decision. We would get her booked in at almost 7 months - not 100% fully grown but also not exactly 6 months old either.

I guess we will never know if we made the right decision on timing but we made the right decision for us and therefore her. 3 weeks of discomfort in the heat would be no fun for anyone and at least doing it now she will be back to her usual self just in time to enjoy the weather.

However watching her walk out of the vets was the saddest moment we have had to date. Her initial reaction was to raise her head and the cone of shame and wag her tail but after than brief exertion she has barely acknowledged us. She cried when she banged the cone on the door frame and when L was gently cuddling her in the car home. She stood still for a good five minutes when we arrived home, not wanting to move and wanting more than anything to get out of the cone of shame.

Had we mentioned that Bisbee has always been a drama queen?

If we hadn't she is. She always has been. We love her for it because in the main it's hilarious. She sneaks up on you in the kitchen - ninja style - then when you have the audacity to move to cook she screams as if you stood on her when in reality you stood by her! You moved your foot by her!

In fact we have told our neighbours that if you hear a puppy scream it is most likely that we moved near her head and she didn't expect it.

Modelling the cone-of-shame

But anyway our little drama Queen is now out of the cone of shame - we didn't have the heart to make her sleep in it - and into baby grows. I know, I promised i'd never be that 'puppy mummy' but I am, I somehow fell so in love with this puppy that I would do anything and everything just to make her life a little easier. So they you have it we have our puppy sleeping in baby grows hoping that it's more comfortable than the cone of shame and hoping she can get her rest and be back to being our Bisbee soon.

Guess which end s the head :)


  1. Aww! Poor baby but she looks cute in her baby grows! xxx

  2. She is so stinkin' cute! I hope she feels 100% like herself soon. :)

    1. Thank you! Pleased to report she is all back to normal now! :)

  3. Bisbee is so adorable... I had the same issue with my cat years ago, it was the best thing for her and our family but I felt terrible she had to go through so much pain... luckily she healed quickly and I am sure your sweet girl will too... xox

    1. Thanks so much!! Yep, we can report she is back to her normal sweet self - though we are missing the onesies just a little bit!


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