Friday, 7 August 2015

Brighton Pride 2015!

We love Brighton Pride.
We love Brighton.
But we especially love Brighton Pride!

The reasons are simple:

  • Brighton is an awesome city
  • Pride brings the city alive
  • The parade is always fun
  • The crowd are diverse, brightly coloured and a wonderful mix of LGBT and allies - in fact the whole city is so friendly
  • Pride is always early August - perfect summer weather and allows a post parade chill out on the beach, what more could you want?
  • Oh yeah the chance to enjoy fresh Fish & Chips - check!
  • You can stroll through the Lanes to check out all the unique shops 

In addition I have family down in the East Sussex area so can make a family tour post or pre-Pride.
And Brighton is dog friendly (everywhere except the beach) so there were plenty of places to take Bisbee if she needed to get away from the crowd - although she is amazingly happy to be surrounded by noise and chaos as long as people are willing to give her attention.

In fact Bisbee had to watch the parade from the front so I was standing slightly back holding her against the rail, as I wasn't enough support she lent on a lady also standing on the rail. Thankfully the lady was accepting of the unexpected attention and I was somewhat dumped. They even had a selfie together!

The only downside to Brighton is the hills! Seriously if you live in Brighton you must have great lung capacity and strong legs. All I know is every time we have gone we have struggled to drag our sunburned bodies up to the car!

This time we were met by a flat tyre, not at all the end we wanted. But filled with Pride buzz it's amazing how even that can't put a negative on the day.

So here are a few of our highlights:
The Parade:



And of course a trip a pit stop in Nutley needed a photo - it is after all where my family originates or so rumour has it :)

Well I was a Nutley for 30 years :)

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