Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The 2015 Cockapoo Games

Anyone following us on Instagram may well have seen what we spent our last Saturday afternoon doing- we spent it surrounded by 'poos' of all shapes and sizes.

It's not what you're thinking - cockapoos, you weirdo! They were competing in all sorts of events from the ultra-competitive relay assault course to the ‘just for fun’ waggiest tail.

The event was held at Newark Race Course, an hour from Sheffield, where we spent the weekend with friends. There were stands selling all kinds of dog accessories but the main part of this event was definitely watching the dogs.

With Sara, Sam and Otis!
It was a dream come true for me – if you hadn’t picked up already I LOVE dogs. I especially love our dog, but in general I am happiest surrounded by dogs and anything to do with dogs. This event allowed me to awwwww over so many dogs and Bisbee had a great time too.

Unfortunately we missed the annual photo that was taken just before we arrived but we entered Bisbee into a few competitions to see how she did.

She was robbed of a top 3 waggiest tail place– we agree the winner was justified but how they missed our girls’ wonderful performance is a mystery! Maybe her awesome outfit distracted the judges.

We also had a go at musical mats - the concept was simple, your dog has to be sitting on a mat when the music stops and at the end of each round, one mat is taken away until it is down to one. We made it through five rounds – Bisbee was very quick on her sits as the music stopped. We even got through a controversial round where both Bisbee and another dog went for the same mat but we won out as Bisbee was sitting while the other dog was wandering around.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing her and her pal Otis (our friends Sam & Sara’s cavapoo) racing over hurdles. As neither of them had done it before, seeing them figure it out and get excellent times was so impressive. The poodle gene really does lead to clever puppies.

Also he was dressed as a superhero too, watch out for Bat-Otis!!

The other highlight was Bisbee playing in the bubble and ball play pen - our girl LOVES bubbles. It is quite often the way we wear her out when we don’t have time to take her on a walk. However, with this amount of bubbles she was SO excited and running around in her element. She even figured out that if she stood by the bubble maker she got more bubbles for less work. Otis however was more interested in escaping from the play pen – it turns out enforced fun is not for every puppy!

Lol at Bis's face - action shot!
The lack of signage around the event meant we lost valuable time figuring out how to get to events and how to find information and we very nearly missed the agility for beginners session. Although that may not have been a bad thing in hindsight as the tutor we had insisted on Bisbee walking the course when all she wanted to do was run through it like we do in the park. Next time I think we’ll skip it and continue doing her agility in the park!

The event was definitely worth checking out though. In addition to all the cockapoos there were plenty of other poodle mixes, and all the dogs got on so well. It was so much fun and we will be there again next year!

It's crazy to see how much she has grown up in the 8 months we have had her,,,,check out us bringing her home here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbiQ_NL1XsY

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