Thursday, 28 April 2016

Adele - Birmingham UK, April 2016

We saw Adele. Maybe that should be, we experienced Adele.

Seeing Adele in concert at Birmingham NEC was certainly an experience, that's for sure. Unlike most concerts there was no warm up act, there was no delay to the start time - this was an evening of precision....well almost.

On arrival we had half an hour to find our seats and get comfy. A large screen with Adele's eye watched the audience. There were people of all ages milling around but it was clear that every single seat had been sold. We couldn't quite tell you who we thought would be an Adele fan but if this crowd was anything to go by it's clear that just about everyone is an Adele fan.

From the moment the lights dimmed and the band started, the atmosphere was electric. There were two stages set up, the main stage where the band were and a smaller circle platform - it was on this platform that Adele arrived.

There was no introduction - it was straight into 'Hello'. The perfect opening song and a great way to get everyone singing. From there, the hits kept coming, 'Home Town Glory' had the screens showing shots of Birmingham. Simple, effective and touching - it's amazing being in a room full of (predominantly) local people and sharing the pride as famous Birmingham landmarks were shown.

By the end of the song Adele was on the move, walking from the platform back to the main stage. The audience either side of the walkway were screaming and reaching out but Adele did not miss a single note of One and Only. Professionalism indeed. On the main stage, a cup of honey water was available and while drinking this, the music stopped and Adele took to the mic to say hi. Neither of us had really thought too much about Adele as a person - we'd laughed while watching her on James Corden carpool karaoke but in person she was brilliant. Hilarious while being self deprecating. She told stories about certain songs, she talked about the stage fright that had plagued her and how different things were now that she's a mum. While surrounded by thousands of others, she made the concert feel intimate. While being a superstar, she appeared normal and down to earth - you couldn't fail but to love her.

After the chat we were warned that if we wanted to dance that this was our opportunity as she was going to bang out her upbeat songs in quick succession before getting totes emosh. As the music for 'Rumour Has It' started the noise in the arena made it feel like everyone was singing their hearts out. 'Water Under the Bridge', from her new album also kept everyone standing.

'Skyfall' had the stage taken over by clouds and a bond theme while 'Million Years Ago' had a more reminiscent feel with notes from school being shown. 'Don't You Remember' then ended this part of the concert and everyone calmed down.

Her faces, the emotion - we loved it all.

Our favourite Send My Love (to your new lover) had us singing at the top of our voices and after hearing Adele explain that it was about letting go of people who had hurt you in the past we felt that it held extra significance.

And then on to a highlight (another one), when covering make you feel my love Adele asked that all switched our torch lights on, it's not a new thing, I have seen it done plenty but coupled with the request that we all think of someone you had loved and lost or loved but hadn't told them recently we were balling, seriously balling.

From there to the end it was flood gates. Having been sat between my sister and Laura it was a race to see who could hold it in longest, on Sweetest Devotion Laura cried first, on Chasing pavements Fiona went first and I was blubbering because they were. It really was totes emosh!

Someone Like You was another crowd pleaser, when the sound cut off the audience kept going, Adele was oblivious but someone captured this: Video

When Set Fire to the Rain came on the platform Adele had appeared on was shrouded in rain for a spectacular finish and then silence.

Unlike other concerts there was no foot banging or chanting for an encore there was almost stunned silence. Adele was impressive.

And then just when we'd finished talking about how amazing the concert had been All I Ask started up and Adele re-appeared. And for 15 more minutes we sang When We Were Young and Rolling In the Deep before the confetti cannon signalled that it really was the end.

As if the show wasn't enough the confetti itself had song lyrics and thank you's - from our experience though we were the ones thanking Adele. For the show, for letting us into her world and the songs and for turning three grown ladies into blubbering wrecks.

Thank you Adele!

Our video highlights....

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  1. I love Adele's music it touches me and I adore how real she is... what a down to earth star. Any interview I have seen or her had me come away liking her even more. There are very few people I would love to see in concert, she is one... it sounds like such an amazing time... great and wonderful memories xox


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