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PRYZM Birmingham! #Review

Last week was crazy busy, do ever have weeks where you have no idea how you kept going? I was done in Bournemouth for work for 3 days and on Thursday and Friday we were at the preview and launch nights for Birmingham's new club PRYZM courtesy of Lime Green Twist Communications!

The new and biggest club on Broad Street in Birmingham 
Check out their twitter for the latest news and offers:@PryzmBirmingham

PRYZM is awesome and we aren't just saying that because we had free drinks and a VIP pass. This club was straight out of Vegas but rather than just one dance floor playing club tunes this club brings together 3 other rooms - Vinyl for all the Retro / older chart tunes, House playing Garage and Curve playing R'n'B to provide an experience whatever your music taste.

There are actually a number of PRYZM clubs across the UK including Bristol and one opening in Nottingham soon!

All rooms have booths you can book should it be of interest, check out your options here: booths

We were invited in for a preview night on Thursday. This consisted of walking in, being handed a cocktail and then being whisked off for a tour by the manager Tom (who we LOVED!). Thankfully he knew where he was going as one room in we were lost - the scale of the club is hard to get your head around as the corridors start and end in different rooms so a wrong turn leaves you bemused.

The amount of seating and number of bars was far more than we had seen in any of our recent clubbing ventures and we were assured they were set up to make sure you never waited 2 minutes for a drink! Helpfully they also had a cash point inside but we were lucky enough to get to sample the cocktail menu without the need to pay!

Oh and the toilets - while this may seem like a strange thing to mention the toilet areas were a thing of beauty. The ladies all had ghd straighteners and hair dryers available free to use  and massive full length mirrors - always appreciated! And they had pink glitter walls - cue a ton of selfies!

The walkaround took just under an hour and by the end we were definitely impressed. The attention to detail made each room different - the Vinyl room stood out. With a dance floor that lit up, massive disco balls and a cocktail menus on old vinyl menus we made it our home on the opening night - the fact that the tunes were all amazing helped!

The R'n'B room had a touch of elegance and glamour and the booths looked so comfy. On opening night this room was so jam packed we were glad we had seen it empty.

The Garage room had a different feel, more urban. With graffiti on the walls and booth made of what looks like red PVC this was the perfect place to head at the end of the night to enjoy the music.

The main room / dance floor was the stand out though. With a Prysm chandelier worth more money that you can imagine hanging in the centre reflecting the light it added something special. Add in the gigantic screens and dancer area in the air and you have an amazing club scene. The booths surrounded the floor also meant you could relax and watch everyone else getting hot and sweaty as they partied.

View of the PRYZM dance floor, image from Birmingham Mail
Good to know:

  • THEY HAVE SNACKS! Yep that's right, crisps, pop rocks and other retro sweets - yum!
  • Get on the guest list- you can queue jump and get discounts!
  • Cocktails are £4.80 and 50% off before 11pm
  • Entry is £8 or free before 11pm (although check to make sure there are no events on)
  • While PRYZM's main purpose is a night club they will also be hosting other events - Jongeleurs comedy club, DreamBoys and others
  • Parking: You should really Uber / taxi so you can enjoy the cocktails but if you have designated driver there is a NCP multistory just down the road and free parking (if you're lucky) in the road a few streets away
The cocktails really are that good!

If you are in Birmingham and check it out let us know what you think!

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  1. We need to go to przym together girlies!! ❤️


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