Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Eness cosmetics - perfect gifts!

How's your Christmas prep going?!

We have the tree up, everything else is a work in progress but the tree is up! Thankfully we have finally been paid.....was November a super long month for anyone else? And so the shopping can begin.

A while ago we were invited to check out a new store opening in Birmingham - Eness. The easiest comparison to make is that it is like a Bodyshop, except way less overwhelming and prices are much better value. The store is divided in ranges and then each range is divided into products, so if you love a flavour you can buy the whole range of products easily.

It's all so pretty
Products include nail cream, hand cream, body powder, body lotion, tissue oil, deodorant, foam bath, body wash, body spray, soaps, hand wash and scented candles. They have a men's range too. Body lotions start at £4.50, nail creams £3.50, Body Butters £5, tissue oils £6 - all affordable in our book.
The prettiest range of all

We thought now would be an appropriate time to mention the store in case you were looking for any family friendly gifts for Christmas (or any occasion). We ended up bringing home the Strawberry body lotion, some Rose Tissue oil (great for scars / stretch marks etc) and the Diamonds body lotion because it was so pretty. The products smell delicious and have lasted really well.

Eness are a ethically responsible company that focus on making products without cruelty. To the earth or to animals. Even better because the company actually work to protect black rhino's so your purchases support a greater good!  

You can check out the full range available and the Christmas deals on the website here! (See if you can spot yours truly on the news page!)

Birmingham is their first UK store and it's well worth checking out if you are in the city, but they have plans to expand - not that you need to wait as you can buy online. Perfect for Christmas - see :)

Anyway if you try it let us know and if you have any great idea for gifts or shops to check out leave a comment - we love random suggestions!

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