Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Focus on the positives!

Is the nightmare that Trump is President-Elect over yet?

What a week it has been....what a roller-coaster of emotions. It's been almost a week and I still don't feel as if it has sunk in.

I am simultaneously seeking news while wanting to afford anything new to feed into my fears.

What if it's not that bad....he did say that Gay Marriage was law of land and he won't seek to change that.....but then Pence is involved and he has voted against every bill protecting gay people and actively supports gay conversion therapy (I thought that was buried along with the antiquate views).

One thing is for sure I am not ready to accept the new-normal. I can't dismiss the awful comments that have sparked the wave of behaviour in 'Trumps name' - here's just a few examples I've seen. The USA seemed to have come so far only to be set back years by a nonchalant voting public. I mean I am still reeling from the fact that 43% of voters didn't vote!!!!

However life has to go on and if you can't beat them then you have to focus making any bit of difference you can locally. I am glad that the aftermath is not full of acceptance. I hope the anger, frustration and shock continue to make people want to take action. Whatever this President-Elect has planned I am not sure I am for it.

On the brighter side of life though I am forever glad to the people who have decided to flood the internet with Joe Biden and Obama memes. Poor Laura must be sick of me shoving my phone in her face to show her another.....but seriously....how can you not smile?!
Hopefully you can read this selection.....

And rather than wallow in devastation we have decided to throw ourselves into Christmas. As you'll know from many, many previous posts Laura LOVES Christmas and needs no excuse getting the prep started. And while I am the more reserved one I can't help but want to focus on  the fundamentals of Christmas - family, food and joy!

Here's a post about our favourite Christmas things....A Very Merry Christmas

Can you spot the lesbian couple?

As we never do things by halves the first of our many Christmas activities was a trip to the Ideal Home Show Christmas event. Hosted in London and Manchester we decided to head north. With our free tickets in hand (courtesy of the amazing Sam KA) and indulgence in the wonder of Christmas. From the snow covered entrance to the stunningly beautiful trees the welcome was nothing short of a wonderful winter land. Then the choir started and that was it Christmas was a GO......Ho, ho ho :)

After a food refuel and map scoping session our route through the exhibition was planned. Food followed by gifts and gadgets finishing with decorations. Within 3 hours we were done, laden with goodies, warm from the exercise and ready for a sit down. Thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly exhausting.

We were staying in Sheffield overnight so the journey back from Manchester took us via the Peak District. That part of the world is always so beautiful and the scale is breath taking. We took a short shopping break at a new outlet village to stock up on dinner food and then did the final part of the journey comparing purchases.

On Sunday Christmas phase two happened. A Christmas Crafternoon. The KA's are always amazing hosts but if there is one thing that will make Laura over-joyed it's the opportunity to craft. It turns out that like us the KA's have a craft box....Laura was too excited.

Laura's handy work
As a non-crafter I took to the dog sitting role as if I had been born to it. While I tried to be 'present' in the activities my lack of commitment to a task and frustration when it doesn't look like it should makes me a terrible partner. Thankfully with friends who share the interest I could make a swift exit for a dog walk.

Back home we received delivery of our 7ft Christmas tree - a promise I made to Laura last year after 5 years of a 'small' tree placed on a box. I am nervous and excited to see the new tree fill our lounge. As with most things I know Laura will make it work....I will just have to be of assistance in getting it to a position.

Our next event is Euro Disney in Paris at the weekend for the Christmas celebrations, the Minnie ears are down and there has been a ridiculous amount of Disney gear purchased - check out our other social media accounts for the updates!

How's your Christmas prep going?

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  1. When I saw the outcome of the election I was truly devastated... I am still reeling from it all. I am saddened that the US could go from the class of the Obama's to the crass of the Trump's... I am hoping for the best, yet fearing a great deal. I wonder when or if people will get to the point in life that people should be able to live their lives and make their own decisions without others telling them what they feel is right and wrong. I do think they have gone backwards, hopefully it can be brought forward again xox


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