Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham

It's almost Christmas right? Well Birmingham is certainly in full festive mode. The German market is up and open in the city centre. The Christmas lights have all been turned on in the surrounding areas. And now the Botanical Gardens are glowing with lanterns. It's all so pretty.

This is actually the first year the Magical Lantern Festival is in Birmingham (there are also events in Leeds and London). It officially opens on the 25th of November but we were lucky enough to attend the preview night.

Covering the 15 acre site at the Botanical Gardens a trail guides you from display to display. The set up is gorgeous and when you aren't looking at the beautiful lights you are able to enjoy the stunning surroundings. We will be back to check out the Botanical Gardens during the day at some point!

There is a clear Chinese theme, so keep your eyes peeled for the star signs and pandas. You'll also spot Santa. And in true Birmingham fashion there is even a bull just like the one outside the Bull Ring.

Our favourite was the fairy dress for sheer beauty and scale it was impressive. 

These are just a small selection of the lanterns on display as we didn't want to show everything in case you do go.

There is plenty of food available - you can even get flavoured marshmallows that can be toasted over a fire. Our favourite was a raspberry and champagne. We also really wished we had been able to try the nutella & marshmallow or the white chocolate & jam sweet crepes but ran out of time.

There is also a tea room at the venue should you need to warm up after walking around.

A couple of things to think about if you do plan to go. Parking! There isn't much so if you do drive look to park on the street (not right outside the gardens). Alternatively there is parking advice here: TRAVEL. 

What to wear! Waterproof footwear is essential as the trail takes a slight detour through areas covered in leaves and it is already a little muddy.

If you do go let us know what you think. The event runs until the 2nd of January. Adults tickets are £13.87 (inc booking fee), children are £9.62 (inc booking fee).

Christmas is coming!

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