Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Think it's hot now?!

Okay it is hot right now! Hot and clammy right. And that's an observation not a complaint - I try to avoid complaining about the heat as I am so desperate for it an all other points. I even pay to have hot holidays so I can enjoy the heat.

Although as Laura always tells me British heat is humid so that makes it feel hotter than it really is so I have to let her complain - occasionally.

The thing is after waking up from a rather warm 28 degrees Celsius sleep I was about to say how hot it was when I saw a friends Facebook post saying that it was 58 degrees where they were in Death Valley. Now that is hot!

When we visited Death Valley it was raining so we never got the EXTREME heat. It was still hot but mid 30's hot not 58! Now if our friends car thermometer was right then they were experiencing RECORD BREAKING temperatures as Globehunters published a post recently about how hot it can get around the world and at the time they published the article it contained this fact:

It turns out California also had the hottest rainfall - surprisingly not in Death Valley when we were there but:

Reading the article it tells you where the hottest temperatures have been recorded on each continent and I found the Europe one pretty interesting, and helpful for knowing where to head for my next trip to the sun:

If you want to check out the whole article click here

So things might be hot right now but they could be hotter!!!

Hope you have found your way to cope - ice packs under the pillow and in front of fans are our current go-to's!

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