Monday, 10 July 2017

It's been a day!

Today has not been a good day!

After a dog walk I returned to find myself key-less. Far from ideal as I work from home and we have no spare front door key. 
Accurate representation

My first thought was to retrace my steps. Although before doing so I popped to the back garden, which I could thankfully get into, to get the dog a drink. 

Then me and the dog headed back to the park for walk around number two and three. Both failed in finding the key. 

On the third walk I met another dog walker who spent 20 minutes helping me look for the missing key. After retracing all obvious steps we agreed it was lost forever. 

You know it's not your day when you realise that the back door had a key left in it so I couldn't use the spare back door key and my phone was dead. I normally make sure I have at least 50% battery but thinking it was going to be a quick walk so risked it with 33%. Why is that always the way?!

The dead phone meant I had to use a strangers mobile to summon Laura home so I could use hers to call a locksmith. Of course the strange number meant Laura ignored it (as she should during work) so I had to text to say it was me. Four dials later she thankfully picked up.

With Laura's phone I managed to find a locksmith that had promised to get to me in 30 minutes.

After an 90 minute waiting in rain and then hot sun (British summertime) the locksmith turned up. 
One of us had shelter from the rain
Sadly now I am £138 down, I've walked 5 miles, have 1 confused and exhausted dog but on the positive I have one brand new lock and two useless keys as someone kindly found and posted the missing key (so it can't have gone far with me). 

Thankfully I can work from anywhere and make up hours easily so the moment the door was opened I raced to my office and caught up.

What a day.


  1. Oh no, what a nightmare! At least your pooch got plenty of exercise that day! I locked myself out once with no phone and in bare feet; with hubby hours from coming from I had to - in bare feet - walk the 10 minutes to my mom and dad's house for the spare key :) I now always put the door on the latch and keep a pair of old shoes in the porch just in case...

  2. Hahaha.Sorry about your day. So £138 is a lot of money!


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