Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Australia: The Vote Is On!

A few weeks ago we posted about the vote on Same Sex marriage in Australia. At the time that post was published there were challenges in the high court to try to throw out the vote. They failed and today (the 12th of September) is the first day forms will be sent out to those registered to vote.

The first post with 5 things you need to know about the vote can be found here.

The postal survey will have one question 'Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry?'

That's it. A simple yes or no answer.

Now the UK may be a long way from Australia but there are more than a few reasons why this vote means something to us. To start Laura is half Australian, should we ever want to live in Australia or for me to get an Australian passport the law needs to change to recognise our relationship.

It is a civil right.

No-one should be able to vote on the legitimacy of an adult, consenting relationship. It's not fair. Love is love.

Australia is well behind the curve, for a country built on hard work, freedom and a desire to create a society for all the fact that equal marriage isn't already a law is shocking.

This ballot is ultimately a power play by the Prime Minister - this vote holds no binding in parliament meaning the outcome of the vote may not change anything! That's right the vote could show a massive support from those voting and gay people will still be unable to get married.
Okay so moving on, if you are in Australia 'Come Out For LGBT' friends and family. For those you know and those you don't. Be a part of a better future!

'Vote Yes' - your vote counts. Just as other countries have fought this battle we have seen that not voting is a win for the detractors. You have to make yourself heard and the best way to do that is to vote yes and make sure everyone else does. You can't leave this to chance.

Tonight I stood in a tent on the South Bank of the Thames in London watching Briefs an all-male boylesque circus act from Austrlia. We were invited as the show was to be followed by a rally to show support for Australia's equal marriage vote.

The Brief's spun, soared, stripped, danced and partied the evening away. You can see full show details here on the Udderbelly website. The audience was predominantly gay and as the compere shared how important it was to embrace diversity and differences the cheers and applause filled the tent.

The night ended with a photo shoot with the boys and supporters who had joined. The Briefs wanted to send a message of support to Australia and all the gay Australian's in London.

Thomas (2nd from the left in the pic above) shared his story:
Aerialist, contortionist and Briefs performer, Thomas Worrell who, as the law stands, is unable to marry his long-term partner in Australia says“Being in a same sex relationship, engaged and unable to marry while the entire country debates my rights is a complicated and difficult situation. To add to that being on the other side of the world and feeling removed from it all is even more challenging. That's why in true Briefs style we are going to make noise, even if we're on the other side of the globe. There are so many Australians living or travelling around the world who want their voices to be heard in this matter. Many Australian same sex couples have been forced to marry overseas but won't have their marriage recognised when they return home, and some just haven’t gone back. This is a chance for Australians living in London and others who believe marriage is the equal right of all to come together and celebrate life and just take a moment to acknowledge that while we aren't at home, we are still connected, still responsible and still have a voice. A way to come together and celebrate equal love.” 

d supporters who had joined. The Briefs wanted to send a message of support to Australia and all the gay Australian's in London.

Lets also hope that Australia sees sense and that the 'No' campaigners don't get the opportunity to spread their homophobic rhetoric that always appears when equal rights are being discussed.

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