Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What We Love Wednesday!! The Big Easy Experience

Some time ago we did a What We Love Wednesday on Man vs Food because the show is AWESOME in our humble opinion. Ever since watching the show and getting more than a little excited for the food, we have been keeping our eyes peeled and mouths ready to find 'London's best eats'. And low and behold, on our 5km walk home from work, we came across The Big Easy!

This is what the website says:

Big Easy transports you to a simpler time. From the décor to the nightly live music, it's the perfect place to kick back, eat a great home-style meal, and relax.

This is what we say:

If you are ever near to Chelsea looking for simply the best American-style food you will EVER eat with the best atmosphere of any restaurant in the capital GO HERE!

We actually went to the Big Easy on a Wednesday, and it just happened to be 'ALL YOU CAN EAT FAJITAS' as well as 2 for 1 on cocktails before 7! So what can we say? We had an AMAZING night.

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by friendly staff including a bartender who became our drink adviser. Faced with a wall of different flavoured frozen margaritas, it was a hard decision to make to pick just one...the solution = try a shot of our top 3. It was a hard choice but the consensus was that strawberry margaritas were the best! (Second fav was mango!) Then after much debate, some quick maths and our drink adviser's guidance we worked out with the 3 of us it was a good deal to get (2 for 1) jugs of the cocktail - UHOH.

Neither of us are big drinkers, so after 2 glasses each we were 'well lubricated' - we can only apologise for the video footage below!

Once we were seated we ordered our first skillets of fajita filling - chicken, beef and shrimp! It turned up really quickly, with bowls of salad, warm tortillas and more guacamole and sour cream than we needed - the table was jammed!! The shrimp was DIVINE, the chicken tender and the beef cooked perfectly (we should mention that veggie options were available :)) it was so tasty that we can't remember anywhere that even comes close!

As we ate, the restaurant seemed to go from fairly busy to full and the atmosphere was unlike any other restaurant we've been to in London. It was like we'd joined the 'cool kids' or found America in London - lively, jovial, vibrant and fun we ended up staying for over 3 hours!

As if the food, the atmosphere and the company wasn't enough, we even had live music! It turned into more of a private karaoke session that we are blaming the margaritas for! It didn't help that we got a free margaritas each with our meals - we were well and truly merry!

After a brief karaoke interlude we decided to order two more skillets between the three of us, well, it WAS all you can eat after all - but it's fair to say that it defeated us. When the food is sooooo good, it's hard to know when to stop - we couldn't leave after just one skillet!

We would recommend going here ANY day of the week. The size of the menu is ridiculous! Lobster, crab, chophouse burger, wings, the big pig gig, ribs, steak, veggie fajitas OK you get the idea - there is PLENTY of choice!

We'll be heading back, that's for sure - we just need to find willing participants to join us (and who hopefully haven't seen the video :) )

Take it easy..... at the Big Easy!!

Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time, everything looked so incredible... I want to travel everywhere in Europe and Australia. One day I will have my hearts desire:)

  2. This post made us SO hungry, haha! Looks like you had fun, girls!


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