Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Today Sarah and I have been together for seven years!!

Seven isn't necessarily a significant number, and with all that has been going on here lately it is passing without the biggest of celebrations, but I wanted to take a moment to recognise it.

Seven seems like a really long time. It's well over half a decade of love, laughs and adventures (and of course the occasional argument). Soon it will be in double digits, and I can't believe how quickly it is going. But I guess they say time flies when you are having fun!

So, in honour of the day, I thought I'd list my 7 favourite things about Sarah at this moment in time:
1. She makes me laugh with her wit and silliness, which always puts a smile on my face
2. She is the smartest person I know, both with her random fact knowledge and her
3. Her eyes - they are big, beautiful and always convey her inner feelings
4. She is so generous - always going above and beyond to make me feel special, doing chores that I don't want to, and making my life even better in so many ways
5. The. Best. Cuddles.
6. I love how much she loves Bisbee, and seeing how amazing and protective and loving she is with her makes me so excited for the future
7. She is truly my other half. The first person I tell good news to, who I run to for comfort, who I want to travel with and cook for and make smile every day

And now, a highlight photo from each of our seven years together. Here's to many, many more!!

Year 1 - Sarah's 26th birthday and our first trip together to St. Malo

Year 2 - our time in Sydney, living together for the first time!

Year 3 - Our trip to Naples

Year 4 - We got engaged in Idaho!

Year 5 - (technically slightly after) we got legally married in the UK

Year 6 - we became Mrs and Mrs Smith!

Year 7 - Our big honeymoon road trip to California

I love you, wife!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Warming Chicken, Leek & Sweet Potato Pie

In honour of British Pie Week, we teamed up with Jus-Rol to create a dinner perfect for these cold evenings (Spring, where are you??). It is delicious, straightforward, and with the help of Jus-Rol (all of the yummy pie crust with none of the hassle of creating it yourself!) it's ready on the table in less than an hour including baking time!

 Also if you have a dog, she will be very envious!

Sarah had a long day in London, so I thought I'd treat her to one of her favourite dishes - my girl loves a pie. We have been obsessed with sweet potato lately, so I had to include that, and I knew she'd love it even more if it had chicken in it, as we are eating vegan during the week at the moment, it was a real treat for her!

I made sure to decorate with pie crust hearts - the way to the heart is through the belly!
It smelled amazing, so she was excited from when she walked in the door - and it was so good that she tried to tempt me into giving her the second portion - I resisted so she could enjoy it again today!

Something tells me I'll be making this again soon, and maybe experimenting with other pie fillings, always with Jus-Rol of course!

Click the receipe to enlarge!

Please let us know if you give this recipe a go - I'd love to hear how it turns out!

*Disclaimer - Jus-Rol sent us a voucher to enjoy some of their products, however as a loyal product user I requested them, and all opinions in this post are completely my own.