Friday, 6 March 2015

OMG It's March??

HOW did that happen? I feel as if it was just New Years!!
Officially, I've been at my new job and new life in Birmingham for a whole month - it's just flown by. I'm at a training company with lovely people, am managing two awesome girls, and am home at 4:15 every day, which is incredible!

It has really left me reeling though - what do I do with all this free time in the afternoons before Sarah gets off work at 5:30pm? So far I've had our loft converted so we can store all our boxes and suitcases up there, I've then removed all of that from our front guest room, and am in the process of painting a wall and awaiting a pull out couch so we can have more space for people to stay, and a blank space for anything we want to turn that room into in future!

I've cleaned and organised much of our home, have put up wall prints, taken the pup on walks, baked from these new cookbooks my mum sent me, and planted flowers. It's like a whole new lease on life - where I'd felt like I'd aged so much during our year-long commute, even these everyday household tasks have completely changed my life. I'm so settled and happy, and Sarah is too.

And so is Bisbee, of course.

(Cuz she's got mummy's credit card)

Because we are no longer constantly exhausted, we now do things on weekends! :) Last weekend we went down to Sarah's Aunt's house, south of London, to spend the night - and stayed up chatting until 3am! They made us a lovely cooked breakfast Saturday, and we set off to visit her grandparents - who adored Bisbee, and loved the book of our wedding photos we brought to show them. For lunch we set off to see Sarah's manager and her family, including a stunning 9 week old baby girl! Bisbee was so cute, chasing after 2 year old Zack and not even getting scared when he tried to ride her, and licking baby Zara's face a few times.
What is dis?
Unicorn girls and their unimpressed looking babies
Sunday, we went to our friend Estelle's 30th birthday party in Birmingham town centre, where we were treated to yummy homemade food, learning 'the lesbian dance' (I think it was a bob side to side with an angry face?? We weren't very good at it, you can tell) and witnessed a very passionate karaoke to 'Gangsta's Paradise'. Stelle, you are the most gangster 30 year old ever.

This weekend will involve a spot of shopping, hiking in the much-recommended Lickey Hills, and lots of yummy food. Sounds perfect to me!