Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hi our lovely friends,

We hope you are having a great week!!


Laura today got offered a job!! AAAAHHHHH!!! We are super excited. It's as Training Coordinator for a recruitment company based in Covent Garden - a few stops away from Sarah in Victoria, but we are still planning how to travel in, out and eat lunch together!

She starts Wednesday after the holiday!!! It hasn't even sunk in yet, so crazy.

It was the first job she interviewed for, too!

So thank you all so much for your support, kind words, and for picking us up when we were worried and upset - this is amazing.

On top of that, Sarah won us something AGAIN!!! You may have seen that earlier in the week Laura's amazing girlfriend won us a travel scooter from Gay Star News - how incredible is that?? Sarah is a big believer in 'you have to be in it to win it!!' and after this coup, Laura will no longer make fun of her for it! We will post pictures when we receive it!

And today, her fantastic poetry won us two tickets to the Battersea Jubilee Festival - which we tried to buy into weeks ago, but its sold out!!! We were SO disappointed, and so happy that we won the tickets!! So we will be enjoying the Jubilee on Sunday in the Festival!!!

Here's Sarah's fantastic lyrics for your enjoyment:

Blew your mind, right? Laura loves her little lyricist!

Today was Laura's last day at Frost & Sullivan. She was so pleasantly surprised when her team all signed a card and gave her a gift card to New Look - with the tagline 'To buy some shoes without holes in them' hahahaha!! Good to know she has a reputation haha!!

Our celebrations started last night (pre-knowing Laura had the job celebrations haha) at the Big Easy in Chelsea - such an awesome restaurant - post to follow later in the week!!

And finally - we were reminded what great friends we have.

One in particular has been incredible over the last few weeks - picking us both up when we were down/worried/upset/etc, helping Laura look for jobs, always being there for a distraction and laugh -


We aren't sure we could have done all this -this well- without you.

Want to see how amazing she is? Just check out this ode she wrote to Laura (Marth we hope its okay that we put this up, but it's just too amazing to not share!!!)

A Tale of Laura Loo & How we will Miss you

It was the year of 1988, when Laura arrived a little late
Connecticut she was from, born from an Aussie Mom,
Bob & Lyn they were called and with their new arrival they were enthralled,
So they decided to set sail for pastures new, where the beach was amazing and sky always blue
Australia bound, they hit the ground
Where they found a great house near Manly which they thought was very handy

Then along came a new sibling which they thought was a good thing,
Jason was his name; things were not going to be the same
What with Bob running a lot and Lyn looking after the tots,
So they finally decided to go back to the states cause they missed the food and Yankee mates

So soon settled in Boise, where things were a little less noisy
There it was soon discovered Laura was a bright young thing,
So there she was put into advanced place classes,
where the group were geeky and most wore glasses
She was happy there doing show choirs and singing
With the daily home practises making her parents ears ringing!
Her folks were so happy as she was doing so well
With her list of achievements starting to swell

Then she discovered one or two of the boys!
and how to get round them and not suffer their ploys
A relationship or few but it wasn’t to be and after Washington Uni thought...
"now it’s time to flee!"

So over to the UK she came, on a Boise state plane
with a suitcase and bag waving her little US flag
With a cute little accent and some money her parents lent
She set about looking for a job to do and a place to crash

After not too much time she settled at a place called K2A
where she was a bit naughty and played away
She met a girl called Sarah and although she didn't think it was fairer
She knew this girl was meant to be, so she dumped the guy and at last was free!

It was love at first sight as they spent many months in sheer delight
and decided it was time be different so they hopped on a flight

They were now living down under, part time looking after dogs
a bit of ‘this and that’ and cleaning posh bogs
They loved their life down under and spent time a the beach and open road
but after a year it was time to leave their abode

Back in the UK, Laura started her new job at Gil Uni and told tales of people from Boise who sounded looney
"At home we have people play the Musical Saw!" said Laura
whilst we were sipped cocktails and joked in Noura
She told tales of her girlfriend who didn’t like her job
and it wasn’t long before Sarah was was soon here and issued a Fob

So two for the price of one - Laura and Sarah working together
at lunch time they would sit downstairs, despite the changing weather!
They soon made friends with a girl called Marf
and hung out at break times always having a great laugh

After a year at this place it was time to move on
So after one or two interviews Laura was gone

But the memory, laughs and smile will never be forgotten



So in short, we are happy campers. Today literally cannot have been any better. This WEEK cannot have been any better.

Okay, we'll stop gushing now haha!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Love always, 
Laura & Sarah xo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Laura's Letter From President Obama!!


We know that we've been quite slack since Laura has started looking for a job - but we hope you'll bear with us, because most of our time is looking at job sites!! Much less exciting than writing to you!!

However, just an update on the job-o situation-o, Laura has had a good few interviews this week (3 today alone, no lie!!) so hopefully something good will come through for her soon! Feeling hopeful and happy especially after we had a lovely Nandos-filled evening in one of our favourite areas in London!! What a view:

St. Pauls at sunset!!
Following on from our WWLW about President Obama the other week, Laura's amazing Mum  scanned in and sent us a copy of the email Laura received from good ole' Barack last year!! So now we'll share it with you!!

Here's what Laura wrote to El Presidente - yes it is mildly dramatic, but so are the challenges we face as an international gay couple!!

'President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington.  DC.  20500

Dear Mr. President:
First of all, I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

My name is Laura.  I went to the UK in 2007 with the intention of gaining work and life experience; traveling the globe before I settled into the ‘real world’ back in Idaho.  As in most cases, I was taken by surprise and just over one year into my trip, I fell in love.  My partner, a British citizen, is amazing- lovely, kind, funny, so intelligent, and the perfect opposite of me in many wonderful ways.  I could not imagine anyone else fitting me so perfectly, and we have plans to start a great life together.  We spent the last year traveling Australia and New Zealand, and spending every waking moment with each other. Now, we are looking to move back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho: to buy a house, work, raise children, live, love, and laugh.  It sounds like the perfect love story. There is only one problem with our little fairytale.

My partner’s name is Sarah.

Sarah and I both graduated school, we both work, pay taxes, and are upstanding citizens in our respective countries.  So how is it that, when we get married, I won’t be able to bring my beautiful wife back home with me?  The thought is very upsetting.  We haven’t done anything wrong, and the Defense of Marriage Act feels like a punishment for an uncommitted crime.

Mr. President, on behalf of the thousands of Americans like me who just want to bring their loved ones home, I implore you to please repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. The time to proceed is now, as you’ve just been triumphant in overturning ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’.  We believe you can help us put an end to the injustice and prejudice we experience daily.

After all, we are not asking for ‘more’ or ‘better’ rights than anyone else; we simply want equal rights.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Laura Elizabeth'

And here's his reply - still can't believe I got a letter from the President of the USA!!

And now this man is the first President to back gay marriage!!

Hope you've enjoyed our Presidential blog post! :)

Love always, 
Laura & Sarah xo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

7 Question Thursday!! #4

Hi everyone!!!

Here's our funny photo for the week:

The boys at work have just been told our latest blog post is up! ;)

1. What's your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.) 

S: Traditional, country cottage would be my fav. I like traditional as anything too modern lacks personality and traditional always makes me feel at home! Think wood cabin on the ski slopes! 
Maybe not exactly like this but something like it! (This was our cabin when we went skiing at McCall)! 
L: I love lots of colour and a really homey feel, so I love this DIY fun cute decor that has been around lately! So pretty, and so much going on - I love my home to feel lived-in!!

2. What is the best trip you have EVER been on?

S: This question is so difficult to answer.  I have been on so many AMAZING trips- in fact anywhere me & L go ends up being a fantastic trip. The one trip that holds the most amazing memories for me has to be New Zealand (South Island) though - we hired a camper van and it felt like we had the island to ourselves. No deadlines or time constraints, just us, the road, the fantastically beautiful scenery - sunsets snuggled up in our van, sunrises through the sky roof. Breakfast watching the tide kiss the shore and dinner watching the stars! No day was the same, whether we were throwing ourselves of bungee swings, feeling on top of the world in a helicopter with untouched snow below, holding each other close as we found glow worm caves or relaxing in natural hot springs the whole trip was so different to anything we had done before. It brought us together in a way we had never experienced and we found we can be right little MacGyvers - starting fires, breaking into cans, map reading etc! And the people over there are so nice - everyone's a friend! Oh and I can't forget the lack of traffic lights, the stunning glacier to beach views and the sheep!

L: Well, Sarah about said it perfectly, don't you think? New Zealand was the best holiday ever!

3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and why?

S: I'd like something I can ride on the back on - but as to what that is I'll have to give further thought. Maybe  a Zebra - it would be like riding a designer horse and I do wear a lot of black & white stripes!

L: I'm going baby elephant on this one! Because they are clever, playful, and would be like really smart, adorably chubby dogs. Oooh or a panda!!! I seem to love overweight-looking exotic animals.

4. Do you snore? (you can be honest, we're all friends here.) 

S: Nope - maybe rarely but in general nope. Supposingly I am very good to sleep with or near :)

L: Pssh Sarah, good to sleep with? *wink wink* haha

I don't snore (often) but I grind my teeth, sit up straight in the night and 'divebomb' into the pillow - my Mum said recently that I'm the worst person she's ever had to share a bed with!!! Mum, I think you're being a tad dramatic haha - but yes I'm a terrible sleeper.

But Sarah, you sleeptalk!!

5. Your car breaks down on the side of the road, what do you do?

S: Hahahahaha I actually have a true story from Oz where the car L&I shared ran out of petrol. As someone who HATES letting the car get to the last little bit of petrol I now know why - I had finish work and was on the way to get Chinese and get petrol. I saw the red light flash and before I could hit accelerate to get through the red light - dead! The car had given up. I was on a main road in rush hour and had no mobile phone - PANIC! I jumped out the car, ran across 3 lanes of traffic and accosted a random stranger to ring Laura - she didn't pick up- sh!t. Ran back to the car and found the number of another friend - accosted another stranger, got through to L. Screamed at her to get to where I was. (Except outside NAB (bank) is not specific enough when there are 3 on one road!) So with Laura some half hour away I noticed I was on a 'red route' when some woman told me (unhelpfully) that I could get fined for stopping on a red route!!!! By this time my car had caused a significant back log and a random guy offered to help - he sat with the car as I ran (and I mean like my life depended on it) to the nearest gas station to beg for petrol. That's right I full-on cried and got $5 of petrol in a borrowed canister. I got back to the car Mr.Random helped pour it in - NOTHING! It took numerous tries to 'get the petrol through the system' and jump it into action. From there I got help to push it off the main road. L turned up half an hour later and I ran to the petrol station to return the can & get another $10 of gas! The car eventually started. L had thankfully warned the Chinese we would be late :) and she went to every other NAB before finding me - NIGHTMARE!!!!! I now I insist we NEVER let the petrol go that low!!!!!

L: This was the only time that I have ever broken down!!! To reiterate, I had NO car, she had NO phone, so it was a ridiculous exercise in trying to use the slow Sydney bus system, passing 3 NABs, not seeing her, running miles in flip flops panicking that I was in trouble for letting the petrol get that low, calling the Chinese so she didnt think we'd abandoned her (didn't want her to take away our free spring rolls!!), and eventually finding her. Awful. I'd say I wouldn't do that again, but I still think Sarah obsessively fills up our tank - but then she is the kind of person who buys new toothpaste when we have more than half a tube left haha!

6. What's one item that has been on your wishlist lately?

S: A holiday - anywhere!!!!!

L: SAME!! I can't think of anything material that I would want to buy at the moment, but we've been really needing a holiday the last few months - I'd love to go back to Naples for a few days to sunbathe and eat amazing food!!

7. It's almost Summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you looking forward to most?

Well isn't that convenient, we wrote a blog post about this yesterday!!! Check it out HERE!!

Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What We Love Wednesday!! Summer Lovin'!!!

These last two days have been so beautiful – sunny, hot, sunny, did we mention it has been SUNNY?? It’s been almost impossible to be down about anything!!
Brits are funny ones when it comes to sun. In Idaho, a place with actual seasons, we’ve always enjoyed our long summers, but nothing like the British. There is a sort of desperation about their sun-soaking love. Like they’ve gotten to hook up with the star (the sun, get it? Astronomy jokes are out of this world!!) they’d grown up idolising,  and for the night they are with them they can’t believe their luck and want to soak up every minute by being overly excited and clingy – because they know they won’t see that star again. Yes, that was an elaborate simile, what’s it to ya??
As The Fonze would say - 'Ayyyyy'
Sarah is a perfect example of the star-struck Brit. As soon as the sun is out, it’s deeply frowned upon to want to stay inside. You’ve twisted your ankle and it hurts like hell? Oh well, you still have to walk the hour home because the SUN is out. You want to sleep in until 11 on a sunny weekend morning? That’s not allowed because it’s a waste of the SUNNY day. All you have left in your cupboards at the end of the month is a can of soup for lunch? You still have to bring that hot, messy bowl of soup out of work to sit in the park and eat it in the SUN so her (and literally everyone within a 2 mile radius, all squished in the sunny spots together) can soak up 30 minutes of sunshine before going back to their indoor, depressingly sun-free jobs.

But can you blame them? It’s almost June – a proper summer month – and these have been our first proper good days since February/March. Sun doesn’t necessarily come all summer here in the jolly old UK, so they have to take any chance they can get to wear next to nothing and get their fair skin severely burnt. All we want is a solid three months to sit in beer gardens and drink Pimms (or ice cold Diet Coke, whatever you fancy), is that too much to ask?
So, in tribute to these two amazingly sunny days (please let us get some colour at lunchtime today!), we thought we’d do our WWLW this week on SUMMER!! All the things we are looking forward to in the (no doubt epic) summer 2012. In chronological order, yo.

Being thwarted by the sun numerous times in Boise, Idaho
The Queen’s Jubilee – As you all know, our flat overlooks the river – it’s one of our favourite things in the world. We are lucky enough to have front row seats to the Jubilee River Pageant! Well, kind of. They moved the starting point one bridge down due to the ‘lowness’ of Wandsworth Bridge, so we have front row seats to the ‘mustering’ of the 1000+ boats on the river. We are so excited to show a bit of British pride with our Union Jack balcony flags, watch the boats, then go find a place to watch the flotilla. The jubilee is a once-in-a-lifetime event for us (and for Queenie), and we are so happy to get to be a part of it! Laura will be putting on her best English accent all weekend. It is sure to get very annoying haha!!

A road trip to the country – Sarah has wanted to take me out into the countryside for awhile now, and while Laura’s a bit of a snob about where she goes on holiday (they must speak a different language, and we should have to fly there), due to our massive holidays later in the year, we are going to finally try to holiday in the UK this year. B&B in the Cotswolds? Don’t mind if we do!
Worldpride London!!! – We love a bit of gay pride, and have gone to London’s pride every year we’ve been together (Laura was going even when she was dating black men, but that’s a different story!), and this year will be bigger and better than ever – London is hosting Worldpride in 2012!! No doubt dressed up in costume, we are really looking forward to the parade, the music, the drag queens, and the all-around amazing atmosphere Pride brings with it!!

While we’re on the subject of Pride, of course we’ll be going to Brighton Pride too!! But it’s not until September, so shouldn’t really be on this list.
We are going to get a portable BBQ, and Laura is going to have a BBQ on her balcony. Is it a fire hazard? Probably. But year-long dreams shouldn’t be silenced at the little risk of burning our house down. We want to have an old fashioned BBQ, dammit!!
Sarah’s 29th birthday!!!!!! – Laura is probably more excited than Sarah is as of yet, but this birthday promises some big surprises (hopefully!)! Either way, Laura loves planning for her love’s birthday, and enjoys the challenge that is making her so happy and not ask if she’s kept the receipt. Yes, really.
The Wireless Festival – We have tickets to see Rihanna (along with a ton of other artists we like) at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park!!! Woohoo! Not much else to say about that!!
The London 2012 Olympics – of course!!! Though we will be out of the country for the second week, we plan on making the most of the excitement and atmosphere during the first week of the Games. We’ll be watching on the giant screens around London, taking part in related events, and making sure that even though we don’t have tickets (sadface), we get to really enjoy the Olympic Games!

And then finally, our trip to Thailand!!!! First week of August we are heading there to be at the wedding of our good friends Blakeley & Sam, who sadly (for us, happily for them) moved to Australia so they no longer live down the street. On our way we will have a long layover in Cairo, and are being taken to see the pyramids, Egyptian museum, riding on the Nile River, and to a market. Then back to the airport we will go, no staying over in Egypt required! Wham, bam, thank you….Egypt.

Then we are staying in a Fisherman’s town on Koh Samui for a week, where we will (hopefully) be getting a tan, boating over to experience a Full Moon Party, watch Blakes get married, and hang out with an elephant or two! We’ve never been to Thailand (or much of Asia at all, for that matter) so we are pretty excited!!
On top of all this, we plan on visiting Borough Market numerous times (to get cheese!!), enjoying all the fun things London has to offer throughout summer, hopefully coming out of it all a bit less glow-in-the-dark white than we currently are, and spending time with friends!

Brian Adams, the Summer of ’69 is SO over – bring on the Summer of 2012!!!
What are you planning to do this summer?
Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo

Sunday, 20 May 2012

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?? A Lasting Memento!

As you may have seen this week, we got the news on Thursday that Laura's contract is not being renewed at the company where we both work - it really will be the end of our world as we know it- so as we start our last 2 weeks working together (*sob*) we thought it was about time to post our 'Day In The Life' video. It was made earlier this month, on our only sunny day, and shows well a Day in OUR life! So sit back and enjoy a trip to work in Victoria, London - if you look closely you can even see our shout out to NoH8!

While we appreciate the fact that we have been so incredibly lucky to have the last 9 months working for the same company, the hard part to deal with is the fact that for the majority of our relationship we have worked together - we are used to having breakfast together, loo breaks together, lunch together and tea breaks together! A hug in the lift can make any crappy day seem a million times better and to know that it's ending is the worst.

Thank you for the kind words and lovely messages - we are hoping that something turns up soon - and while we're not sure it will be for the better (unless Laura can find a company with a job opening for Sarah :) ) we can always look back and appreciate the time we did have together! Sarah has decided the lift is a no-go though - too many fond memories of stolen kisses & hugs! The other choice is to trial it and if it sucks pack up the old kit back and head for the sun again; Australia was a good choice last time!

Sarah & Laura

P.S. Please help GSNs marriage appeal via@gaystarnews -the bill would allow couples like us2marry! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

To my lovely lady Laura.....

Things may not be easy right now and our life will change (hopefully for the better) but know that you are AMAZING and DO NOT EVER doubt that! You are my strength and I am so proud of you. Together we'll get through this and it will be on-wards and upwards! I LOVE YOU......
Love you baby!
Love always Sarah

Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's The End of the World As We Know It...

... and I do not feel fine.

Today on Twitter I asked people to think good thoughts for me, so thank you to anyone who thought of me at 15:30!

But, alas, I was told that work will not be renewing my year contract. So... yeah. I was on a one year contract, and am so busy and needed in the team, I didn't expect for a second to be let go!

The worst thing is that obviously I brought Sarah to them, we got to go into work and leave together every day, have lunch together and even worked on some projects together.. and now I'm gone! I have two weeks notice to find a new role.

This isn't as big of a deal as I think it is right now, I know people go through so much worse, but I had trouble finding a job last year, and I'm not ready to go through the rejection and depression that comes along with it.

Tomorrow I promise to think positively, pick myself up and start all over again, but just for tonight, I hope you all don't mind if I wallow in it a bit.

To add insult to injury, United cancelled one of our flights home at Christmas. We got it sorted, but seriously, today?

I hope you all are having better days than we are here at Sprezzatura.

I'll leave you with an awesome video I joked I'd put up if I didn't get to go permanent...

Anyone else love Flight of the Conchords? Of course you do :)

Love, Laura xo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What We Love Wednesday!! President Obama!

Welcome to this week's WWLW - this week we have gone for something that is all over the news currently- President Obama coming out in support of gay Marriage!

Barack Obama has announced in an interview with ABC News that he thinks gay couples should have the same legal right to marry as heterosexual couples. In an interview with Robin Roberts, he said that his views have ‘evolved’ over the past few years, based on conversations with staff members, gay and lesbian service members, and people in his own family.

According to ABC News, Mr Obama said: ”I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.

He added that this was a personal opinion, but he would still leave the decision to individual states. “It’s interesting, some of this is also generational,” he said. “You know when I go to college campuses, sometimes I talk to college Republicans who think that I have terrible policies on the economy, on foreign policy, but are very clear that when it comes to same sex equality or, you know, sexual orientation that they believe in equality. They are much more comfortable with it. You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.

Mr Obama had faced mounting pressure to state his own position on the issue, which he had previously described as ‘evolving,’ as both his vice president, Joe Biden, and his education secretary, Arne Duncan, came out in support of equal marriage.

This week on ABC's The View Tuesday (15 May), Obama said of DOMA, the legal prohibition on federal recognition of same-sex marriages: 'Congress is clearly on notice that I think it's a bad idea.' Obama's appearance on The View was taped on Monday, the same day he appeared at a $5000-a-head LGBT fundraiser at the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea. Regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, Obama said 'everybody deserves a shot.' 'It's been said this election is going to be about values. I absolutely agree. It's about the economic values we have, about the values I believe will make America so special: everybody gets fair shot, everybody gets their fair share, everybody plays by the same set of rules,' Obama said, citing the repeal of DOMA as one example. 'The good news is, I think the American people are on our side. ''We have never gone wrong when we have expanded rights and to everybody,' he also said. 'That doesn't weaken families, that strengthens families.' (we love that bit)

But the question is now 'So what?' - as time goes by we're sure this will fill pages in papers and on blogs but this was the latest article we read in Curve magazine HERE.

In the interview with The View, Obama stressed that while obviously gay marriage and equality are big issues, the election will be won based on issues of education and healthcare. In an ideal world, of course that is true, but come on Barack - this is America. We are a great country, but we oversimplify - everything is so black and white to us. Let's not forget that in the Democratic primaries of 2008, for the majority of Americans, Hilary vs. Obama wasn't about their policies - it was 'will you vote for the woman or the black guy?' While obviously there are plenty of politically-minded, well informed Americans out there, there are definitely more of the 'black and white' type, who will vote on two major issues - gay marriage and women's rights. That's the stuff that gets people's blood pumping, more than education and healthcare, which, while important issues, they have always been important issues, and will continue to be through the next howevermany elections. They don't tend to change dramatically like the more social issues.

Invading the private lives and civil rights of those who are different than you, and taking away the women's right to choose what to do with her body? Especially with such a polar opponent such as (likely) Romney (is anyone else even left in the running?) making these issues prominent, we think they will be how the election is decided. So it is a wise move for Obama to come out in support of gay marriage at this time. He has been in the middle for too long, and now that he has finally taken a stand, we applaud him. Sure, he may lose some voters, but he is more likely to inspire people and get them to the polls with a strong stance on an issue mostly everyone has an opinion about. Inspire - its what he did in 2008, and it's time for him to do it again.

Ladies and gentlemen, Laura's soapbox.

Laura wrote a letter to President Obama last year, about his stance on gay marriage and the heartbreak of DOMA - and actually received a really nice reply from him, so we are proud that we have a letter from the first President to support gay marriage openly in office. We'll put the letters up for you guys at some point!

Anyway, good job, President Obama. We are really proud of you.

Love always, 
Laura & Sarah xo

Monday, 14 May 2012

Tips & Recipes from an UN-Domestic Goddess: The scrummiest sandwich

The scrummiest sandwich - Chicken Burger with Camembert & Cranberry Sauce on toasted baguette!

This isn't really a recipe it's more the tale of how to make a simply scrumptious sandwich!

What you need:

  • Chicken burger (breaded or naked)
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Camembert Cheese
  • Baguettes (our choice is the half-baked)

Step 1:
Cook the chicken breast until ready 

Step 2:
Warm or cook the baguette

Step 3:
Cut the chicken breast in half and place side by side in the baguette - place slices of Camembert cheese along the burger and grill until the cheese is suitably melted.

Step 4:
After your cheese is suitably melted take out the grill and add as much or as little cranberry sauce as you want.

Viola!! Simples!!

Bon Appetite

Sunday, 13 May 2012

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?? Our Absolutely, Brilliant Blogger week!!

So normally our Sunday post is a What's Happening, Hot Stuff?? about what's going on in the big wide world but to be honest our world had been somewhat busy lately, so this post is dedicated to 'What's Been Happening' with us!

When we started this blog, sometime at the back end of 2011, the point was to keep our family and friends around the world updated on our goings-on but before long we were adding recipes, things we love and then WHHS on news we'd seen - one thing we definitely didn't think about was doing it to make friends. However, this last week has shown us just how AMAZING the land of social media is.

If you have followed us for awhile, you may have seen that back in February we had our very first BLATE or 'Blogger Date' with the lovely Megan and Whitney from What Wegan Did Next, and since then we have been in fairly constant contact. In this post you'll find out a little bit more about our latest antics!

Our AWESOME week started last Friday with a trip to Birmingham to meet Sarah and Lauren from 2 Brides to 2 Mummies - it was an early start for us to get out of London and make an 11:30 tour at Cadbury's World, and we just about made it (had we not stopped for Maccy D's breakfast we'd have been in perfect time). Thankfully as it was a Friday we could push the tour start time back a bit had time to arrive at the ladies' lovely house and meet them first. Here's the weird thing with blogging - you follow each others' lives, watch their plans unfold, but ultimately you don't 'know' each other, so rocking up to someone's front door, there are a whole heap of thoughts running through your head. Is is creepy to say I''ve read EVERY post you've EVER written?! Or that I recognised this from the photo on your post in January?! Etc. You get the idea. How 'cool' do you play it???

Thankfully within 5 seconds of meeting Sarah & Lauren we were put at ease - they were just as we had hoped and expected from following their blog. We didn't have much time to talk on the 10 minute drive to Cadbury's World and before we knew it we were handing over tickets, getting chocolate thrust at us and being welcomed into the Aztec jungle (welcome to Cadbury's World)! Cadbury's World was brilliant - we were entertained from the second we walked in the door- after a history tour of cacao beans & the history of how cocoa was discovered we had a video film about the history of Cadbury's. For a history buff like Sarah this ticked ALL the boxes. The only downside - we hadn't really gotten a chance to speak to Sarah & Lauren!

From the history part of Cadbury's, we went to the 'production section'. This involved a 4D experience - we won't give away what goes on but let's just say there are signs saying 'If you're a wimp, stand at the back.' (or something like that) - we sat down, and let's just say Laura is OFFICIALLY a wimp. As the 'experience' started, something made Laura jump and exclaim 'SH!T' loud and clear and in front of children! It was a make or break moment - if Lauren & Sarah hadn't found it as funny as we did, the day could have ended very differently. After the 'experience' we had an interactive section and for us this was when we knew for sure we liked these girls. We are all 'young at heart', so faced with games, we couldn't walk by like the other adults - oh, no - we had to get stuck in. Apparently we scared the children away but we were doing such a good job, we didn't notice! :)

The rest of the tour flew by with all of us laughing and joking - who knew Cadbury's made such inappropriate adverts! And Laura couldn't get over the fact that we have ad campaigns such as 'A finger of fudge is just enough' hahahaha where's the American 'bigger is better' attitude? :D

We tested, watched, tried, ate and were throughly entertained all the way around and at the shop ended up succumbing to temptation and stocking up on our favourites. It is an attraction we DEFINITELY recommend! At the end, we were certainly chocolated out and thankfully Lauren had a stock of much needed Diet Coke in her boot! Another moment we knew we'd love these girls.

Next stop was the girls' house to meet Willow properly and catch up without the chocolate distraction. The plan was to have a brief chill-out and then head to dinner - the chill-out turned into laughing, getting on like a house-on-fire, drinking diet coke and generally feeling like we'd known each other forever and before we knew it we'd been there 5 hours and we thought we better have dinner. It was our honour to take the girls for their first Nando's at Birmingham's Bullring. Laura and Lauren did the ordering and before long we were getting feedback that Nando's for vegetarians is 'all good'. (We've since heard that the girls have been back alone - you can't get better feedback than that).

The day came to an end at 9.30 - we'd been there 10 hours and as Sarah is always nervous meeting new people, hanging out for 10 hours breaks all previous records! We are hoping we get to host the girls in London town soon!!

The awesome week continued with Megan's 25th birthday - to read her version of events check out WWDN - we arrived at Megan's parents for a birthday dinner of pizza and wedges, always a good choice, and alcohol! We also got to meet her lovely family. The party continued into Windsor city centre where we had a table reserved at 'Verve' - a bar in Windsor Town Centre with a good acoustic singer and champagne! We had a great time chatting and dancing with Megan, her best friend Karen, two sisters, her cousin and her cousin's friend! They are a great group of girls, and though it was our first time meeting most of them, we quickly felt 'part of the gang'!

From Verve, we went to a club 'under the arches' in Windsor (Sarah used to go to these places 'back in her day' pre-Laura!) and danced with cocktails to music with the girls! Lets just say there are some 'interesting' characters out clubbing in Windsor!!

The rest of the group left a bit early, so us, Megan and Karen stayed on and danced our little hearts out!! On the way home we stopped at a kebab shop, and took a cab who thought he was a racecar driver home. We had a lot of fun, even when we arrived home at 3am, chatting and laughing for another hour before bed!

We slept on an air mattress in the living room of Meg's parents' house, which was funny - halfway through the night, Laura (apparently) rolled over to the edge of the bed, pushing Sarah over - when asked what she was doing, Laura (allegedly) responded 'I'M LIIIVIIN' MY LIFE!!!' Hahaha - so special.

In the morning, we were treated to croissants and juice, courtesy of Megan's lovely parents, and drove home to relax and recover from the night before, in our PJs. We had an awesome time, and are so glad we were able to help celebrate Megan's 25th with her!! Thanks, love!!!

Bank Holiday Monday was spent chilling out before heading back to work on Tuesday, but our fun-packed week hadn't ended. Another friend who we had made over Twitter works on the London production of Shrek and over the last couple of months she has been a great confidante over email, so when she offered us tickets out of the blue to see the show we literally jumped around with excitement! We had walked past the theatre back in January and mentioned that it looked like a fun show and we were RIGHT. We picked up tickets at the box office and (for anyone who isn't British this may mean nothing) Shane Richie walked past us - it was a 'celeb' night to celebrate the show turning 1! We found out we had seats in the 7th row from the front (AMAZING) and had a great view. We got to our seats 20 mins before the start and got to see Sinnatta, various Eastenders & Emmerdale cast members and Jemma later informed us the Saturdays and finalists from the Voice were there!

The show itself was great - very funny, very clever and very entertaining. Lord Farquaad was hilarious and the cast of fairytale characters made it feel like you were watching the film! The first half flew by and the flying dragon was so impressive the break disappeared discussing how it worked. The second half had a few surprises - the dragon descending from the air made Laura jump (wimp) and Kimberley (who played Princess Fiona) had an 'interesting' American accent, but for us, the dancing in the aisles to 'I'm a believer' was the best way to end a show. Check out the trailer here:

At the end of the show, we headed to the stage door and met Jemma for the first time. Thanks to the rain we had to make a dash to a bar, but once we were sat comfortably we were comparing stories, laughing at what wimps both Laura and Jemma are when it comes to loud noises and we immediately liked her (even though Laura was surprised at her Scottish accent - when you meet people from the internet, you don't expect them to have accents!!). When Sarah, Jemma's girlfriend joined, we definitely felt like we had met a couple whom we wanted to get to know more - the 3 hours we had were NOT enough! We only left because the bar staff turned the lights on and were literally standing ready to take our glasses. As it was past midnight we had to get the last tube home and we were grateful that they got the tube in the same direction as us so we could continue talking.

So as you can see it has been a BUSY week and filled with experiences that we were not expecting. To each of the lovely people we met THANK YOU, it was truly a pleasure meeting you/ hanging out with you and in Sarah's words 'This has been the best succession of days since I can't remember when'! ...And also, where did all the Sarah's come from!?

Lots of love,
Laura & Sarah xo