Saturday, 23 June 2012

What a week!!!

What a week....from start to finish this has been quite a week and we thought we'd share it...
So Monday saw us find out that Warrior Dash in the UK was cancelled, all our 'hard' work and preparation, running up and down the escalators in the tube was sadly in vain. Who knew we would be so disappointed to not get to do the exercise and wade through mud! We also heard that the lovely ladies over at 2bridesto2mummies had experienced their wedding band dropping out after finding out that they were two girls! Can you believe that 'gay' money isn't 'good' money to some people?!?!? Idiots!!! Lunch picked the day up though as we tried out our 'meeting at Green Park for a picnic lunch' and managed to get a whole 45 minutes together - you can't say we are easily defeated when it comes to being together :)

Tuesday brought better news, in fact AWESOME news - Whitney of Wegan finally got confirmation that her visa was approved and she'll be making her way to the UK on Monday!!! Perfect time to settle in before London Pride and a certain other July event :) The day didn't end so well, however, something was deciding to make a hell of a lot of noise outside waking us up at midnight and we didn't get to sleep until 3!!!

After all of 4 hours sleep we were faced with a somewhat humid journey into work that saw Sarah fall alseep on the tube and miss her stop - #fail!!! News that she'd won a £25 premium bond cheque had the desired effect of waking her up though. After preserving energy by pretty much not doing anything for the entire day, and meeting for lunch in Green Park we were ready for an evening of entertainment. First came the Chipotle search (the first outside of America), secondly was finding 'designer' telephone boxes around London for the Jubilee. We then headed to Spaghetti House for the best carbonara in town, and the reason for all the entertainment.....hanging out waiting for Shrek and the Lion King to finish so we could meet Jemma & Sarah - the closest to a showbiz couple we can claim to know - it was worth the wait but we were kicked out so the pub could close halfway through our catch up! Damn having to get up for work it always leaves us feeling like we haven't had enough time!

Thursday was a struggle, the highlight was meeting at Leicester Square for Maccy D's lunch together but the time passed so quickly debating various questions posed to us in email and then completing 7 questions. By the time we got home we were falling asleep cooking dinner.

Friday ended up arriving quickly and started with a downer - a missing bus shaped downer...for anyone whose seen our 'day in the life video' you will know that the first part of any day starts with a bus except today TFL decided that a bus strike would be a nice surprise for us - IT WASN'T! It was raining, the station is a 20 minute walk - oh, and it took us 20 minutes to find the exact strike details while standing at the bus stop! Not impressed!! On the plus side it is Friday night, we have enjoyed a Chinese takeaway, watching Germany beat Greece in Euro 2012 (this is good news as Sarah has Germany as her sweepstake team) and knowing that we will have two whole days together! Yay!!!

Happy weekend, everyone!!

Love always,
Sarah & Laura xo


  1. Wow, you two have had quite the week, never a dull moment... enjoy your weekend off. I am looking forward to next weekend when I have 5 days off together... I am really going to need it:)

  2. Thankyou for thinking about (and writing about) us, lovely ladies! Works out in the long run though, we'd rather not have anyone there on our special day who doesn't fully support us and our relationship :) we've found a much better (and very supportive!) band to play.

    Your efforts to make sure you always have lunch together are rather impressive!

    Love from L & S xx


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