Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Where we are now!

Well hello there! How are you?

Life is good. Our life is good. It's quite bizarre having a life - well a life that isn't spent travelling in a car or getting home at 8pm or up at 6am. We know how lucky we are though, we acknowledge it almost everyday. We know we are the lucky ones and we are really trying to make the most of living in wedded bliss. Can you believe it's almost 10 months since we tied the knot?!

I was prompted to write this post after two messages in one day asking why we had stopped blogging and as I am on a 3 hour train ride it seemed the perfect time to start a new post. So the reasons we have stopped blogging are so undramatic they are almost not worth mentioning but here goes:
1) As we are together much, much more we are focusing on being in the moment and that doesn't involve opening a laptop
2) Bisbee - well spending time with Bisbee. She is a dream come true and is bringing such joy to our lives that when we aren't snuggled up together we are discovering new places with her, having our evening walk or being amused how such a little package can contain such entertainment. She is pure happiness and love.
3) Laura's brother has moved in with us while he sets up a life here in the UK - the clever sausage managed to get a job in a week so next step is a flat.
4) We are focusing on people that add value to our lives - this blog has opened so many doors and introduced us to so many new people but up until now we haven't been able to set up meetings or follow up on invites so we are making the effort and it is invigorating and taking us to places we had never thought about - including cute market towns in the North, places that inspired films (Lord of Rings was one) and new cities in foreign lands Stuttgart to name one (we'll do a separate post on that :))
5) Along the same lines we are also giving our parents more time. Before Laura's family had to track our movements via the blog - we were never able to set up regular Skype dates and now we can. It's refreshing to be able to catch up weekly. The same goes for my parents, we actually get to hang out with them and spend quality time together rather than spend tired evenings with them -it's so nice.

We loved London, we loved our life in London but moving out was hands down the BEST decision we have made to date. Seven years in the amazing city was enough - we saw the Olympics, we saw numerous Oxford vs Cambridge boat races, a Royal Wedding, a Jubilee, Prides, parades, free music events, theatre shows, so many restaurants, pubs and clubs and the most impressive (in my opinion) historical sites and we loved it all. Well we didn't love the constant traffic, the commuting, public transport (while efficient it was never pleasant), the time it took to get ANYWHERE, the crowds and the cost - but you know nowhere is perfect!

The thing is now we can visit (as I frequently do for work) and enjoy all it has to offer before heading back to the country and breathing a big sigh of relief. To be a tourist in London is great and we plan to be a tourist on numerous occasions over the summer but to be a Londoner takes energy we'd rather spend elsewhere.

And so life is good. We are excited for the summer and what it will bring - especially now my wonderful wife has sorted a doggy passport - the three of us will no doubt be on tour before long! I'm hoping we'll do a drive up to the top of Scotland at some point on a road trip and maybe make it across the channel- BRING IT ON!

So to answer the anon on tumblr who asked how married life is treating us - the answer is very well thank you!

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  1. I figured you were just busy living life and would update when you had time.:-) Bisbee is so adorable ♡


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