Monday, 19 December 2016

Two years of Bisbee!

On the 19th of December 2014 we picked up Bisbee Avie, our amazing, beautiful, funny, cocky, charming, entertaining puppy and life hasn't been the same since. It's 2 years since that gotcha day.

When I think about our life I can't imagine it without her. My daily routine when working from home revolves around her - I make sure pre-work calls that she has toys to play with and let her chill out in the kitchen. After my calls I free her and she goes back to roaming the house like it's her Queendom.

She is a guard dog, door bell and people greeter. She loves doing tricks and being part of any action. While Laura practices for choir she will lay on the couch and listen ready with licks of encouragement. When I close a deal or have a successful call she is ready to dance to cheesy music as if her job is to share the joy.

When we cry at TV shows or because we are having hard days she is ready to pounce and lick away the tears or step on us until we stop crying and give her attention.

As a family we are never happier than when all three of us are squashed on the sofa watching something, all getting slightly too warm and Laura and I unable to move from puppy paralysis.

Bisbee has brought smiles to not only friends and family but to complete strangers and we couldn't feel luckier.

Our Mum's adore her - my Mum has a whole new career as a dog walker because the fluff ball made her remember just how great dogs are. In fact if my Mum could only walk Cockapoo's I think her life would be made. As it stands she walks two.

Even our Dad's are in love. My Dad spent a whole 10 minutes fighting her for a penguin cuddly toy and Laura's Dad is often seen play fighting her.

We have a list of people ready and willing to look after her should we need and her pile of Christmas presents is bigger than ours. It's fair to say that our little girl is loved and adored everywhere.

On top of all of this her comic timing is on point, with human like burps she gives feedback on food and with yawns she'll let us know when we are droning on or need to change the subject. Her outfit choices seem to be ever increasing but when she plays a shark so well it's hard to resist buying them :)

She has taught us that working as a team means sharing success and that consistency and dedication will deliver results - even if results are new tricks that are purely for our entertainment. And we couldn't be more grateful.

We are also lucky enough that she loves the car and is happy just to pop out to pick someone up or travel for hours. In a pub she'll nap why we catch up with friends and in crowds she is happy to be held to see the action. I have never met a dog who barely blinks when a marching band in full flow marches past but Bisbee barely notices it.

We now arrange dog holidays/weekends, if new friends have dogs or old friends get dogs it something we actively talk about. We have explored more of our local area and seen more sunsets that in previous years - I can't thank Bisbee enough.

Bisbee's bestie Otis is also a firm fixture in many of our weekends (his Mum's are pretty awesome) and they are quite the adorable double act so we have a constant source of entertainment.

Our phones are filled with 100's of photos of Bisbee and as we follow Cockapoo groups on Facebook just so we can lose hours looking at cute puppy pics.

In fact I can't think of a single downside of owning Bisbee. Here's to many, many, many, many, many more Bisbee filled days.

Happy Christmas from my family to yours!

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  1. Bisbee is so adorable... she definitely has been a wonderful addition xox


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