Thursday, 19 January 2017

Being gay is so offensive!

Time for a quick rant. 

I was reading an article today on the Daily Mail (sorry) and ever since have been slightly seething. The article was about how advertising standards watchdogs allowed 'offensive' adverts to be aired in the UK last year.

There were a few where there may have been a point - I mean kicking a cat is not acceptable in any world. Here's the article for you to make you're own mind up:

The reason I am mad though is because's advert for 'someone will love your imperfections' was the third most complained about because of this:

That's right two women kissing is the third most offensive thing on TV! I mean really!

And despite the tag line showing in the picture above potentially showing lesbianism as an imperfection the advert was actually normalising gay relationships and we loved it.

Here's the ad in case you missed it:

More over we need more of this type of advertising to silence those complainers. While Gay Pride parades in the UK have become somewhat of a advertising stage for major employers including Nando's, Sainsburys, Tesco, Marks and Spencers', British Airways and tons of others it has always been a positive for us. We want the visibility, we need the visibility and we need to continue to fight for it as long as any advert showing 'gay' is featured on a list of 'inappropriate/ offensive advertising.

May 2017 see more of these:
Sainsburys Christmas advert 2016

Not because I want to replace 'traditional' families but because the world is changing and if it isn't reflected in advertising then anyone outside of that 'traditional family' is discounted.

We know how key visibility is to those struggling, to those who feel isolated in within their own families and to those who think it's just them. If this blog has taught us anything it is that there are so many reasons to embrace being gay but to publicly show that love is love regardless of gender.

Visibility has always been a key thing for us, remember the post we did on whether Lesbian Tribes exist or more to the point are visible? Or when we were doing 'What's Happening hot Stuff' that always included the latest 'gay visibility news'

I hope in reading next years article things have moved on....please - especially with Trumps impending presidency - can we make acceptance the theme for 2017?!

Let us come together and dance in the light rather like those who gathered to dance outside mike Pence's house last night:
For we know that;

Stay strong, stay visible and know that you are never offensive if you are showing love. 

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