Tuesday, 23 May 2017

#westandtogether Manchester

Out of respect to those who lost their lives in the atrocity that took place in Manchester last night (22.05.17) I have postponed the post I planned to put up to share what may be vital information when it comes to uniting loved ones separated last night.

I appreciate this has already been shared a ton on social media but you never know who is looking when so please share what you can, when you can.

These are the missing people: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/manchester-arena-bomb-attack-relatives-10479316 - check the article and share it!

Watching the news unfold the one thing that is clear is that among the awful details being shared the narrative that is being spread is one of unity and strength. Terrorists, whether acting alone or in a group, do not define a religion and I am relieved to see that people are making that message clear. This is not a time to look for people to blame. Yes we have to be vigilant but terrorists are and always be an extremist minority.

Hug those that you love a little closer today, be a little kinder to a stranger. If this awful atrocity teaches us anything it is that our lives can be taken at any point. Live the life you have with love and kindness. You never know who needs it. 

Our thoughts are with Manchester and the families impacted. 

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