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Glow for Pride: The Essentials - Brighton Pride Blog Takeover!

Happy Tuesday, all!

We are heading to Brighton Pride this weekend, and couldn't be more excited! Of all the Prides we have been to together, we have a soft spot for Brighton because of the atmosphere - everything and everyone seems even brighter and happier than at other Prides! We feel its more relaxed and just wonderful. It'll be our fourth trip down to Brighton Pride this year, and we will be without Bisbee (sob!), but also will be great to get to explore parts of Pride we don't usually get to, like Preston Park and the Village party.

Of course, we are prepping for the weekend now - trying on our outfits, Laura is getting lashes done Thursday, making sure we are ready!

So that's where Nathalie comes in - Nat is taking over our blog today to help us look and feel our best in the run up to the big day! Make sure you look for Nat's next blog takeover after Pride, to give us her best advice on how to recover from the big weekend!

Take it away, Nat!


Brighton’s annual Pride celebration is the most highly anticipated event of the year for locals and Pride fans afar alike. We purchase our tickets months in advance, agree on a meeting point (our favourite is the clock tower in Preston Park) and of course plan our makeup and hair styles weeks before the day! As usual I have started a regime early this year and wanted to share my excitement in a guide on how to get a gorgeous glow that will put even the sparkliest rainbow glitter to shame.

Credit: Gabriel Silverio on Unsplash
Get Early Nights
We all want that well rested look and beauty sleep is key to getting your Pride glow on, but the high level of anticipation in the run up to the events can make it a big challenge not to get over exited and start partying before Pride has even begun! If like me, you are guilty of letting your delight get the better of you and end up out late the Friday before Pride, then make sure to catch up on sleep in the nights leading up to Pride and take naps where you can to store up your energy! Ideally, you’ll have an early night before the big day, but sometimes it’s just too much to ask so building up on your sleep savings should offset any premature partying and make sure you still glow on the day!

Credit: Peter Hershley on Unsplash
Do Lots of Yoga
The benefits of yoga are manifold, from improving flexibility to soothing the mind and most importantly here, for promoting luminous skin! Most yoga practices will give you amazing benefits, but there are specific poses that work specifically on boosting the health of your body’s largest organ. If you are doing yoga at home, choose inverted and downward poses to boost circulation and reduces toxins. Equally effective are heart open poses, which flood the body with oxygen when they open up the heart lungs and chest. Check out this yoga tutorial that is specifically aimed at creating glowing skin and bonus reducing wrinkles!

Credit: Pixabay
Care For Your Skin
Compliment activities to boost your skin’s natural glow from the inside with a daily skin care regime. Opt for a gentle cleanser that does not dry out your skin and high-quality day and night moisturisers will work wonders for creating a dewy day-to day-look. For an extra bright glow, make sure to exfoliate a week to three days before the day to remove any dead skin cells dulling your skin, but only use a product you have already tried as it could give you a reaction! Additionally, on the day remember to use a moisturiser with SPF to protect your face, my favourite is from this range of skin care products and I wear a foundation that has SPF in too – you can never be too careful!

Stay Hydrated
Everyone knows that we should drink more water and it’s no less important for giving your skin that all important hydration. Our body uses water for all of its major processes and when you are not topping up often enough, your skin loses out first! It’s best to get started drinking enough water as soon as you can to see the full effect. So, if you are reading this now, go and grab a big glass of H2O and get chugging. If you struggle to remember in general, there is now a wealth of technology to help you. I would recommend choosing an app that you can start using straight away to be fully hydrated in time for Pride.

Credit: Atikh Bana on Unsplash
Boost Your Nutrition
It’s not just water that affects your skin, what you eat can have a big impact on how brightly you glow. If you want a dazzling complexion, firstly stay away from the usual culprits such as foods high in salt and saturated fat, these sap your hydration and increase free radical production. Instead choose foods that are brightly coloured, high in nutrients and contain lots of lovely healthy fats. Put avocadoes, oily fish, red peppers, kale, walnuts, tomatoes, eggs, spinach and green tea on your healthy shopping list for gorgeous glowing skin and enjoy the added energy these super foods will give you!

Credit: Ian Dooley on Unsplash
Pride is such a gorgeous festival and you will no doubt be glowing from all the excitement and good energy in the air. These tips will make sure that your complexion matches your attitude and give you lots of extra stamina too! Thanks for reading and let me know if there’s anything you’ll be doing to get luminous skin for the celebrations this year.



Thank you Nat, we will get to work on these now!!

Check out Nat's blog at www.helpimgettingmarried.com and follow her on Twitter

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