Sunday, 16 November 2014

28th June 2014 - Our Wedding Photos - Getting Ready!

Happy Sunday!

We are ecstatic to finally be able to share our professional wedding photos with you!

It's so much fun reliving our day - can't believe we've already been married for over four months!
It was a no-brainer for us to wake up together and get ready (mostly) together on our wedding day. As we were getting married at 5pm, we felt like if we were separate, we would have missed each other all day, and on what was to be our best day, it made more sense to have our very best friend (each other) by our sides. Also, as our bridesmaids were 'joint', we didn't really have girls who would naturally stay with one of us. 

The above is Riverside Lodge - our venue, and where half of our abroad guests stayed for the three days we were up there. You'll see more of it in our 'details' post!

When we woke up the morning of our wedding and looked outside, it was drizzling slightly, and we thought we had come all the way to the other side of the world to escape a rainy England wedding, and... ended up with a rainy England wedding! That would have been alright of course, but we were really relieved when the clouds broke up and the sun peaked through - the weather we had hoped for!

Aren't the Idaho mountains incredible?

Funnily enough, Laura ended up getting in trouble on our wedding day - she went off with her mum to help put up the gorgeous signs her mum made, some bonding time, and ended up being away for over an hour! She arrived back to a stormy faced Sarah - who had even sent a bridesmaid to look for Laura! Luckily a kiss and all was forgiven.

We did hair and makeup with mimosas served in our Westminster seal champagne glasses we were given at our legal wedding in March, and spent time with our mums and bridesmaids - it was so fun and relaxed!

Afterwards, we ate some lunch, and our mums had their hair and makeup done. Then came the gifts - we gave our girls their thank you's, and Sarah's mum gave her a token of good luck.

Love this one of our florist seeing our wedding day looks!

The girls got ready, and helped us get into our dresses. This is where we separated - we didn't see each other from when we put on our dresses/accessories/veils until our first look.

 Sarah went first!

She's free!

Then Sarah was sent outside to the docks where we would have our first look, and it was Laura's turn. 


Then, we were ready for the great unveiling! 

Next post, on Tuesday 18th November - our First Look!

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  1. Your dresses were beautiful... I am happy to see you got the weather you desired on your wedding day... you both looked gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you so much Launna! We were very lucky!!

  2. Gorgeous! You both look so lovely and I love that you got ready together for most of the day. Amazing hair, makeup, dresses and setting. And I love the personalised bathrobes! Looking forward to Tuesday's post xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes the robes were great - Sarah's brainchild! We're composing Tuesday's post now :) xx

  3. Looking amazing so far girls... Can't believe that you're making us wait though!!!! Meanies!!!

    Much love though ��

    1. Haha Tuesday will come around so quickly! And there's no way you'd be able to wade through all our photos at once - surely you'd get bored haha! xxx

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful!! You both look so happy. :)


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