Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Win a Holiday to the Florida Keys & Key West at Brighton & Hove Pride

As we mentioned in our last post we are heading to Brighton Pride, the UK's largest Pride festival. According to the Pride website it's also the UK's best Pride festival. All we know is we love it and can't wait to go!

This year we have been invited as guests of Florida Keys and we want to share some of our good fortune with you, that's if you can make it to the Pride Festival at Preston Park. It's super simple if you are at Preston Park you could be in with a chance of winning a trip to the Florida Keys, interested.........

Step 1: Look for the Big Red Shoe in Preston Park on Saturday 5th of August

2) Once you have found the shoe jump in and snap a photo (it'll be near stand N5)

3) Share your photo on any social media using the hashtag #FLKeysShoe

What you win: An unforgettable holiday to the Keys including a four night stay at LaTeDa Hotel in Key West, international flights and car hire! (Worth it right?!!!!)

So why visit the Keys, well here's what Florida Keys say 'The Florida Keys has long been a favourite holiday destination for LGBT visitors, who receive a warm welcome to the island chain where the official motto, ‘One Human Family,’ signifies an atmosphere of inclusion and recognition that all people are created equal.

In the subtropical island city of Key West, nearly a quarter of the year-round residents identify themselves as gay or lesbian, and from the moment visitors arrive, the ‘all welcome’ atmosphere is apparent.'
So why the shoe, well that was our first question.....
'The shoe is a Key West icon. Every New Year’s Eve at midnight the Keys’ best known drag queen, ‘Sushi,’ whose real name is Gary Marion, is lowered from a balcony above Duval Street in the heart of gay Key West, dazzlingly gowned and perched in a sparkling six-foot red high-heeled shoe. An amazing sight to see, it’s an irreverent alternative to New Year’s Eve celebrations in other parts of the world. The party atmosphere is uniquely Key West, as is the balmy subtropical weather on a December night.'
you And once you have had a photo with the giant show drop by stand N5 for useful info about travelling to Florida Keys and special holiday offers!
If you aren't heading to Preston Park we will keep you up to date with the goings on across our social media so make sure and follow us if you haven't already:
And you can discover the Florida Keys & Key West at
Count down to Brighton Pride: 3  days to go!

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