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Waking Up In Vegas!! For Laura's 21st - October 2009

SIN CITY, the strip that never sleeps, gambling central - whatever you think of Vegas, however you describe it, one thing cannot be denied - YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!

Those of you who have been lucky enough to go will have your own description of the place, but for us Vegas is 'an adult Disneyland'. It's true it never sleeps and after a few days there you end up wondering just what time it is at any given time of day...you can walk through a sea of people gambling on slot machines to have your breakfast and they'll still be there 12 hours later during dinner!

Coming into Vegas & us after a full day of roadtripping (Laura is an entire box of Frosted Flakes down at this point)
As you arrive, by plane or car, you see this magnificent city rise from the flat desert around it. Laura drove her car (named Jerome haha) the entire way and we only stopped twice (once for the loo, and once for tater tots (super important)). The route we drove took in the sights of the mountains of Idaho, the red rock of Utah, the canyons of Arizona to the desert of Nevada. We even stopped for petrol in Beaver, Utah (everybody loves Beaver!!) :)

Laura's magic US powers of not having to hold the gas pump.... and Sarah hearts beaver, apparently.
Each hotel is like a different country - there are the obvious themed ones like the Venetian (a beautiful, clean, less smelly Venice), where you can take a gondola ride on the indoor river (on our trip we saw someone get married on their boat!), or the Luxor, a step into Egypt! Then there's Excalibur Castle, where you can watch a Medieval Times staged jousting match, and New York, New York - with it's own roller coaster on the roof!

We breakfasted in 'Paris' under the Eiffel Tower - we opted for the buffet breakfast and literally spent three hours eating! There was SO much choice and we wanted to try EVERYTHING! After strolling/rolling back down the streets of Paris we headed to Ceasars Palace. The 25 degree heat made it perfect weather to hang out by Vegas's Trevi Fountain (an exact replica, Sarah can confirm).

Laura was a messy moo so we had to make her a bib!
Here's the thing you don't read about Vegas - the strip is actually 4.2 miles long. The 60 or so hotels act as a great distraction as you stroll the strip but make sure you are wearing comfy footwear!  There is nothing worse than walking 4.2 miles to realise your hotel is at the opposite end and your feet already kill. We also got caught by walking out to the Vegas sign - it is not right at the end of the strip! We were told it was just by Mandalay Bay hotel, but in fact it's an extra 20 or so minute walk from the end of strip and there are NO hotels to distract you out there - just vacant lots, tiny chapels and creepy motels with a pink elephant outside(well, outside of one, not all of them).

Some of the glamorous sights of by the Vegas sign
There are SO many things Vegas does well and a highlight for us was the shops. Not so much for the actual shopping, but more for the photo ops! In true American style the stores are huge - you will find one dedicated to just M&M's (we now have one in Leicester Square too!) and Coca-Cola, where we met the Coke Polar Bear. And you know how much we love Coca-Cola!

There's also the AMAZING shows. We wanted to see the gorgeous Holly Madison in 'Peep Show' but it was sold out (sadface) so we settled on 'The Thunder from Down Under' - a male strip show with hunky Aussies haha. Oddly it was showing in Excalibur (one of more family-oriented hotels (FUN FACT: Laura stayed there when her parents took her to Vegas for her 10th (ish) birthday!) so there were hen/bachelorette parties galore running around lots of little kids to see strippers - ONLY IN VEGAS!

It was every bit as cheesy as it looks!
We were big fans of the drinking while walking down the strip - not because we are big drinkers but a 4.2 mile walk with a yard long strawberry daiquiri (with a shoulder strap -heck YEAH) in the Vegas heat is perfect. Especially when you stop to watch the Bellagio fountains do their dance, as we did!

One of our finest moments
As the city never sleeps and the casinos have no window or clocks (so you can't tell the time) you will see people walking around at all hours. After the Thunder From down Under (the fun stopped at 1am) the streets were still crowded. All the hotels have their doors open 24hrs so we used our time to do hotel photo shoots. We visited Caesars Palace lobby from 'The Hangover', saw a talking tree and so many beautiful autumn/fall displays - every hotel dresses up in seasonal decor- but our favourite remained the Venetian. As you walk in it takes your breathe away! The ceiling changes depending on the time of day so you see stars at night and with the gondola guys singing and the cafes buzzing you feel like you're in Italy!

Here's a video we put together of our trip to the great Las Vegas!!

Laura would like to take this moment to clear up any confusion for you Brits out there who want to go to Vegas. You're saying it wrong! Okay, maybe not each of you, but the English people she has met (including the lovely Sarah) all pronounce Las Vegas as it's written ('Las' pronounced like the 'a' in 'last'). In fact, us Americans (who are the authority on all things Vegas) pronounce it ('Las' pronounced like the 'o' in 'lost'). So there you go, go out and impress your friends with your American-ness! ;)

Some random amazing things we did around Vegas
We hope to go back there for New Years Eve 2013 (yes, we know we just had NYE 2012 but Laura's a planner!) and experience Vegas again!

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!! (Most of the time)

Viva Las Vegas, Laura & Sarah xo


  1. I love reading all about your travels, and well done on putting the videos together - they are so much fun! Love youz, Mum

  2. Another fab post. We really want to go to Vegas and your post has made it seem even more awesome! Love the video too, how do you manage to get away with the music? lol Our videos are often muted :(

    M x

  3. We love Vegas :)))) been twice for New Year.. It is such a fun place...... Xx

  4. My aunt is going to Vegas, wasn't too bothered until now. Cheers girls!!! By the way what are tater tots?!

    1. They are bite sized hash browns that are delicious :) we order them whenever we can when we are in the States! Hope your Aunt has fun in Vegas, we are back with a party of 16 in June for our bachelorette xx

  5. We got married in Vegas on 8th June last year. It was our first time there and we absolutely loved it. Would really like to go back again so it looks like we'll have to save!


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