Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What We Love Wednesdays!! Jumping For Joy!

Welcome to this week's WWLW! This weeks topic is JUMPING. Yes, you read that right. 

Jumping in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia!
OK, OK, so this is a little obscure and to tell you the truth, its more about jumping photos. And jumping in photos in places with spectacular backgrounds. From Moscow's Red Square to the edge of the Blue Mountains in Oz, from the Champs de Elysee to the highest mountain in New Zealand they all have one thing in common - a jumping photo! 

Jumping at the most Easterly point in Australia at sunset!
For us, jumping outlasted 'planking', and it came around way before 'horse-maning' or 'owling' or 'Tebowing' or 'deading' or 'koala-ing'. These are just silly fad pictures in comparison to our jumping photos! 

They are nothing compared to THIS!! Jumping in the Blue Mountains on a rock we climbed over a fence to get to!
There are two things that make for a great jumping photo 1) an AMAZING photographer (Laura, of course) - timing is EVERYTHING and 2) someone who can jump well, with form and poise, more than once (Sarah) - again, timing is EVERYTHING! You also have to have an ability to make fun of yourself - not every jump is a good one, the public find these photos quite humorous, and not every outfit is suitable (although you tend to discover this as you attempt). 

Jumping in the Japanese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, dressed as a Japanese princess haha
Jumping photos may be a bit of a cliche but they have helped us to create great memories that make us, and hopefully you, smile every time they are seen. Our Facebook friends now rate the jumps - a great jump photo has to be sure the background isn't overshadowed, if possible legs together (otherwise you look like your flailing) and you must smile! Jumping photos with your face screwed up just aren't pretty. 

Jumping on top of the highest mountain in New Zealand!!
Don't think that everyone can get a perfect jumping photo either - try it by all means, but Laura had a go at the edge of a rock at the Blue Mountains, and as classic as these photos are, we're not sure that they would win 'best jump'. 

Oh yeah, laugh it up - Laura will be a master jumper one day!!
If you or any of your friends have impressive jumping photos we'd love to see them! We are trying to make sure to get at least one jumping shot per trip, but we have plenty of countries still to visit, so we'll update this post as we go. 
Jumping at the ruins of Pompeii, in Italy
Jumping at sunset around Byron Bay/Ballina - just before seeing some playing dolphins in the water!!
Hope you've enjoyed them!! 

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Jumping for joy, Sarah & Laura xo


  1. Haha love this! Awesome pics! We fail at these quite a lot, as it is due to the jumper AND getting the photo at the right time. Shall try hunt some down for you.

    M x

  2. You too are so cute. I love it! I just did a few jumping pictures in front of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Wish I had done this earlier with more of my adventures. My thing used to be hugging trees. Yeah I'm a literal tree hugger. Haha.

    1. Thanks Theresa! Tree hugging is a pretty good alternative - more relaxing we're guessing:D xx

    2. Thanks Theresa! Tree hugging is a pretty good alternative - more relaxing we're guessing:D xx


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